Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: December 31 2012-January 4 2013

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Hope and Liam discuss the possibility that there may still be a future for them.  Steffy, meanwhile wants Liam to assure here that a reunion between him and Hope is not on the cards.

Katie remains worried about Bill.

Caroline is involved in an accident.  What did Bill do?  Or is he as innocent as he claims to be?

Hope tells Bill that his interference in her and Liam’s relationship won’t matter in the long run.

Rick faces Liam, who now knows what he did to keep him and Hope apart.

Liam gives Hope an answer.  Is there a future for them?  Or will Liam stay with Steffy?

The Bold and the Beautiful 2013 Spoilers

Taylor and Brooke’s rivalry ramps up as each supports their family.  Taylor fights back.  Will she be the new “Stephanie”?

Bill finds appeal in both of the Logan sisters.  Who will he chose?  Katie or Brooke?

Will Brooke’s determination to get Liam and Hope back together end her relationship before it even begins?  And what about Ridge?  When will he return to Los Angeles?

Karen and Danielle, Caroline’s lesbian mothers return to Los Angeles in January 2012 for a short storyline arc.

Dayzee isn’t glad to see, Maya,  a woman from her past on skid row return to her life.  Maya will test Dayzee’s relationship with Marcus.  Marcus also sees his past pay him a visit when his adopted brother comes back into his life.

Eric reasserts control at Forrester Creations and becomes the prize in a competition between two women.  Donna and Pam’s competitive relationship extends beyond their professional life and into their personal lives.

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