August 8: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday 8 August, 2014

A photo shoot and press conference in Paris

In Paris , the photo shoot of Hope’s life got underway in front of beautiful fountains in the Trocadero Gardens of Paris. Hope donned multiple gowns and twirled and hair flipped for the cameras as a pleased Wyatt watched.  At the press conference following the shoot photographers asked Wyatt to step in with Hope for a photo.  The diamonds tour of Europe was discussed as was bringing the Stephanie Forrester collection to Paris.  Wyatt was asked if he knew that Ricardo’s death was now under investigation.  This was the first Hope had heard of the investigation.

Hope waited for Liam

 After the photo shoot and press conference wrapped Wyatt walked Hope to her and Liam’s special spot where he was due to meet her at 3pm.  Hope returned the HFTF diamond to Wyatt.  Wyatt left Hope waiting for Liam in the sunshine but watched from afar.
Meanwhile, Ivy and Liam’s plane had landed in Paris.  The driver asked which Hotel to take Liam and Ivy to but Liam told him they were headed straight to the Eiffel Tower.  Quinn followed unnoticed on a scooter.  Liam was relaxed about making it in time unitl the limosine got caught in traffic.  Liam began to worry and told Ivy they would be quicker on foot.  Liam instructed the driver to drop their bags at Forrester International and Ivy and Liam ran towards the Eiffel Tower on foot.  Quinn abandonned mer scooter and followed the duo

Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine

On a bridge over the river Seine, Liam stopped.  He could see Hope at their meeting place.  He called out to her but she didn’t hear.  Ivy caught up and told Liam to “go”.  She would take a picture from the bridge of their meeting.  Liam ran off.  Ivy sat on the edge of the bridge and pulled out her phone to line-up the shot.  As she sat on the stone wall, a smirking Quinn walked by and pushed Ivy into the Seine.
Ivy’s scream drew Liam’s attention.  Not seeing her on the bridge, Liam back tracked and leaned over the edge of the bridge looking down into the river and calling Ivy’s name.  Ivy surfaced and told Liam to go, she would swim to the edge.  Liam was torn between rescuing Ivy and making his meeting with Hope….What would liam do?



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