September 19: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday September 19, 2014

Quinn is Confident Hope Won’t Leave Wyatt

As confident as Liam is that Quinn has const her son his marriage, Quinn is confident that it won’t.  Quinn and Liam do another round of she’s crazy with Quinn defending herself as a go-getter and Liam as someone who sites around and cries when life doesn’t go his way.  Quinn tells Liam that once the scene was set Hope didn’t need any convincing to marry Wyatt – she just did. Liam tells Quinn that her obsession with her grown son and the measures she takes to get him what he wants should see her locked in a padded room.  And Liam takes on the task of trying to ensure that happens.  Quinn leaves.

Hope returns to Liam’s after facing Quinn and Wyatt.  Hope admits to Liam that he is the love of her life and she will never forget their time together.  They have many wonderful memories. They kiss after Hope professes her love but Hope has tears in her eyes.  She tries to tell Liam something but the words get stuck at “I’m”  “You’re what?”  Liam prompts…

Hope faces Wyatt

Wyatt tells his wife that he doesn’t approve of what his mother did and her invading their lives.  Wyatt begs Hope not to let his mother come between them.  Wyatt tells Hope that he wouldn’t have allowed Quinn’s actions – had he known.  Hope believes him but notes that Quinn isn’t even remorseful about her actions.   Wyatt again asks that Hope not let his mothers actions change things between them.  Hope is pensive and tells her husband that there is something she needs to take care of.

After Hope leaves Quinn comes back to Wyatt’s place.  Wyatt rails at his mother that she could have cost him the only woman he’s ever loved.  Quinn however assures her son that he and Hope share a bond that Liam and Hope don’t (exactly the same turn of phrase Steffy used when she found out she was pregnant with Liam’s baby).

News Spreads

At Forrester Creations news of Quinn’s antics in Paris spreads.  Brooke Deacon and Donna learn what happened from Pam and Charlie.  Donna wonders what Brooke and Deacon will do now that they know the truth. Deacon and Brooke wonder if this is enough for Hope to end her marriage.  Brooke notes that it is now Hope’s choice instead of Quinn’s.



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