September 30: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday September 30, 2014

Will Chokes

Bill and Katie joke about where he wants to take Will to dinner – a restaurant with waitresses barely wearing bikinis.  Katie will take him to a feminist poetry reading to balance things out.  Bill asks Katie to stay while he returns to calls and she quips that he’s missing the daycare they had while she was CEO at Spencer.

They are playing with Will when Katie pulls a dollar coin out of his hand.  Will is drawn to the coin and repeats “mine”. Like father, like son, Katie notes putting the coin on Bill’s desk since it isn’t a baby toy.

Bill and Katie discuss Bill and Brooke’s wedding plans while Bill plays.  She hopes it works out for him even though she still isn’t crazy about him being with her sister.  It’s just awkward and weird Katie notes.  I feel like we get along better when you’re not with Brooke.  Bill promises Katie he’ll figure it out as Will retrieves the coin from Bill’s desk.

Katie looks over at Will rolling on the ground. She notes there’s something wrong.  They pick him up.  He’s not breathing Katie wails.  Bill picks up his son and tries dislodging the coin by hitting Will between the shoulder blades.

Deacon and Quinn

Quinn hopes Brooke and Bill have a long marriage full of mind numbing boredom and regret.  She’s sure they’ll be miserable.  Deacon says she’s actually cheering him up.  Why is she being nice?  He figured she’d be done with him now that Wyatt and Hope are together.  But she has big plans for him – her disposal is clogged.

He fixes the plumbing and they share a beer.  He says he appreciates her letting her stay there.  Mi casa is sous casa Quinn tells Deacon.  Quinn notes that Hope will come around she won’t be excluded from her son’s life.  Everyone will see that everything turned out as it should.  Deacon brings up Ricardo and wants to know if Quinn killed him.  Quinn says she wants to keep the past in the past.  She needs his help to make sure it stays that way.  You are way too obsessed with Wyatt.  You need to find an interest outside your kid Deacon tells Quinn as he kisses her.

“You’re not going to stab me are you?” Deacon asks as the kiss ends.

“Are you drunk – it’s been a long time since a man kissed me like that – sober I mean.” Quinn states.

Quinn notes that most men are afraid of her.  Deacon says he’s not afraid of anything but maybe he should be as he recounts her crimes.  Why shouldn’t he run as far as possible?  Deacon wonders what it’s like to be on the receiving end of all that obsession.

Extremely overwhelming – but very, very rewarding Quinn tells him. She tells him she’s not a fan of people touching her but the kiss was nice.  She moves slowly Quinn warns  Deacon.

I’ve made a lot of dangerous choices in my life.  Something tells me I’m about to make another one Deacon says as he kisses Quinn again.

What Kind of Woman is Brooke Logan?

Eric is relieved the person keeping her from marrying bill isn’t him – its Katie Brooke tells him. Can she really do this to Katie?  She wants Katie to be safe and happy and protected like she always did.  She lost that path along the way allowing herself to fall for Bill.  Is being with Ridge right for Katie Brooke asks.  Eric doesn’t like Bill but he can see how much he cares for her.

Katie is with Ridge – live your life Eric advises.  Take this passion of yours and let it go don’t bottle it up.  If you want to be with Bill be with him.  Brooke notes that there is more to her than just following her heart.  She’s not interested in figuring out the next man she wants to be with.  She wants to figure out who it is she wants to be.

Eric takes a call and promises someone will be in Milan by the end of the week.  Brooke thanks Eric for his time – he truly understands her.  he’s watched her mature and grow into this wonderful woman and now she is becoming the matriarch of this family just like Stephanie was.  Brooke just wants to be worthy.  I almost married bill in Abu Dhabi and I still might but Ridges accident made me stop and think.  I’ve fed of being the center of attention and it didn’t matter who I hurt in the process. I don’t want to be that person anymore.  Brooke wants to remove herself and let Katie decide who she wants to be with.  Brooke wants to change the person she was and be someone different today.  What kind of woman is Brooke Logan she asks?