October 30: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday October 30, 2014

Caroline Asks Rick Not to Give Up On His Marriage

Rick tells Caroline to leave.  She can’t believe he got sucked into her again.  Caroline spits at Maya she wants to talk to her husband alone.  But Rick says he wants her out of his life.  Go back to NY or wherever the hell you want – just leave.

Caroline says that Ridge and she kissed, but after what happened here last night….Rick tells her not to go there.   Her infidelity with Ridge is. He’s not coming home and he’s not going back to Forrester.  She and his father both stabbed him in the back.

She messed up but so did he Caroline tells him.  She’s not going to let him put all the blame on her not after walking in on him and Maya. (Seriously?  Where did the robe Maya is wearing come from?  Did she make herself at home in Brooke’s wardrobe?)

You humiliated and deceived me Rick says.  There is no coming back from this.  Caroline says Rick is only seeing what Maya wants him to see.  We can get through this Rick, Caroline tells Rick.  We can get through anything – together.

Maya tells Caroline is real good at trash talking her in front of Rick.  Last night was one of the greatest of her life.  A man she fell in love with a long time ago was suddenly not lost anymore.  None of your put downs mattered any more because Rick saw you for what you are.  Now you’ve lost Rick to your worst nightmare.  Look at his hand – do you see a wedding ring Maya asks Caroline.  Maya gets Rick’s wedding ring and tells her Rick doesn’t want it anymore and throws it on the ground.

She picks it up and asks Rick to put it back on his finger – she’s not giving up on them but Rick simply turns his back on Caroline.  She leaves.

I’m here Maya tells Rick as a tear slides down his cheek.

Eric Reverses His CEO Decision

At Forrester Creations Ridge tests out the CEO chair. Ridge admits to Carter that he saw where this thing with Caroline was going but he couldn’t stop it.  Carter reassures Ridge that Rick and Caroline will work it out – couples who really love each other usually do.  Ridge admits that Katie isn’t happy with him either.  But he’s CEO he states with faked enthusiasm.

Ridge starts acting the part.  Eric enters.  Ridge wants him to look over an official press release.  Carter leaves and Ridge thanks his father for making him CEO.  Everything will be fine he assures.

Ridge is ready to step into Eric’s shoes if not fill them.  He will do his best not let him down.  Eric says he already has.

He thought long and hard about who was to succeed him and in the end his experience as a designer won out.  He thinks now that he gave that too much weight.  They also were proud of their honesty and integrity.  He no longer feels that way about Ridge.  He’s changing his mind.  His involvement with his brother’s wife calls into question his judgment and values – two qualities that make a leader stand out.  He’s naming Rick as CEO Eric tells Ridge.

Bikini Halloween Party

At his office Liam gets an invite to a Halloween Party at Bikini. As Big Brother’s Donny leaves Ivy comes in. Ivy jokes that off the record the new CEO of Forrester is Pam Douglas.  Seriously its Ridge.  Rick won’t be happy Liam notes.  Ivy then tells him about what happened between Ridge and Caroline and Maya’s intentionally exposing what happened to get Rick back.  They wonder if Eric is having  second thoughts about Ridge’s appointment.  Ivy admits the family dynamics are a little stressful.  To relieve the stress Liam invites Ivy to the Halloween party at Bikini.

At the party Ivy thanks Liam for bringing her there to get her mind off what is happening at Forrester.



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