October 8: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday October 8, 2014

Rick Overreacts, Caroline Defends Ridge

Caroline has been covering for you because you can’t draw.  You took credit for her drawings and that makes you a fraud Rick tells Ridge.  You’re passing her designs off as your own.  Rick hands him the sketch pad and tells Ridge to draw something.  Caroline walks in and tells Rick angrily to leave Ridge alone.

Caroline tells Rick he is over reacting especially in asking Ridge to resign.  Caroline is furious with rick.  Ridge is sharing the process he uses with her.  They couldn’t do this without EACHOTHER Caroline rants.  But Rick tells them that their arrangement is over as is Ridge’s tenure at Forrester.  You tried to pass these designs off as your own.  You are unprofessional and selfish Rick says to Ridge says.  But Caroline continues to defend Ridge.

Rick gets a call and leaves.  Caroline promises to talk to Rick.  They have to keep going. Rick only sees things in black and white.  But we are creating something that never existed before.  When they draw together she feels plugged into a creative energy she has never felt before and she’s not ready to give that up.

Katie and Ridge’s Relationship

Katie and Donna play with Will as they discuss Will’s accident.  Donna asks if Katie is alright.  No plans?  You and Ridge haven’t set a wedding date Donna asks.  Katie makes excuses for Ridge – he’s very busy at work.  His mind is at the office Donna notes.  Donna says that if Rick has a problem with the collection he should blame his wife not Ridge.  Ridge is spending a lot of time with Caroline.  It’s just work Katie tells Donna.  Rick and Caroline are happily married and she and ridge are happy too. Their wedding has gotten sidetracked because Ridge went missing and because of the collection.  Our feelings haven’t changed Katie assures.

Ridge arrives home early and tells Katie that Rick knows because Caroline told Rick she couldn’t draw.  He was suspicious and he kept forcing the issue.  Katie admits Rick was questioning her as well.  Ridge tells her that Rick wants him to resign because he thinks it was all Caroline’s work and she should get the credit.  Caroline is going to talk to Rick.

Katie tries to blame Caroline for this but ridge says he did it.  He told Katie but asked Caroline not to tell her husband.  Nothing will happen til after the line is delivered and until then he has to see this thru with Caroline.  Katie is just beginning to realize how important this is to Ridge.

Caroline Dreams about Ridge

Caroline goes home and sees Rick.  Caroline tells Rick he would never let anyone use him.  You tried to humiliate Ridge.  He didn’t deserve that Caroline says as their conversation escalates into an argument.  They are artists she knows what he is going through.  She just figured it out.  No one makes me do anything Caroline tells her husband.  Her choices may not be right but they are hers.  Working with Ridge has been the most fulfilling thing she’s ever done in her career.

Caroline tries to lighten the mood but Rick walks our on her and says he has to clear his head.  Caroline goes to bed alone. The bedroom door opens and a man walks in. It’s Ridge.  He sits on the bed nest to her.  She runs her hand up his arm.  Ridge does the same and they kiss.  Caroline awakens to Rick calling her name.

Rick is sorry. She’s right.  He can get intense and worked up because of her.  Guess you don’t have to be an artist to be passionate about things.  All the time she spends with Ridge and talking about how Ridge fulfills her.  Maybe he’s just a little bit jealous Rick admits.  Caroline hugs her husband and tells him she’s sorry.  She didn’t mean to make him feel that way.



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