November 10: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday November 10, 2014

Stay Away

At the warehouse Quinn cannot keep her mind off events in Amsterdam, despite Deacon’s presence.  Deacon understands that Quinn would like Liam and Ivy to become a committed couple while in Amsterdam but he warns her to stay out of it.  If she goes to Amsterdam she could end up breaking Hope and Wyatt up rather than cementing their relationship.  Don’t push too hard.

But Quinn isn’t good at sitting around and doing nothing (or in this case debating the sex of Hope and Wyatt’s baby from her copy of the ultrasound picture).  She needs to get Liam and Ivy past holding hands and into a more grown up relationship.

Despite Deacon’s good advice, while he’s out of the room Quinn calls the hotel in Amsterdam.  She isn’t pleased to hear that Ivy and Liam aren’t sharing a room.  But she can fix that…

Ivy, the Model

Hope is not pleased when Forrester Creations Publicist PR person Ava suggests that Ivy needs to get in front of the camera.  There is a lot of questions around who Ivy Forrester is and they need to leverage that.

Wyatt, who would usually be all over anything to get publicity simply says they’ll give it some thought since it is clear that Hope isn’t keen.  Alone with Wyatt Hope tells him she doesn’t want Ivy modeling and moving further into her life.  Wyatt is a little put out and asks his wife if she’s just concerned about work or if this is more to do with Liam.  Hope realizes she’s not in a position to stop Ivy modeling.

Liam thinks Ivy modeling is a great idea but Ivy says it is obvious Hope doesn’t want her to.  Liam and Wyatt depart (Wyatt to the hotel and Liam on a conference call). Leaving Hope and Ivy alone together.

Ivy confronts Hope still believing that Hope is upset over Ivy dating Liam (bingo!)  Ivy reminds Hope she is pregnant with Wyatt’s baby.  She is married and needs to move on.  Hope admits she feels like Ivy is rubbing Hope’s nose in her relationship with Liam, but Ivy doesn’t’ feel like she is doing that.

Ivy tells Hope again she needs to move on.  An emotional Hope yells that she is doing that, but seeing Ivy and Liam together hurts.  Hope suggests Ivy could be more considerate. Hope is sorry if she’s not getting over Liam on Ivy’s schedule but it’s going to take time.  If its not fast enough for Ivy, that’s too bad Hope spits.

Meanwhile back at the hotel Ivy’s bags are delivered to Liam’s room.  Fate or Quinn?



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