November 11: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Wyatt tells Liam to move on with Ivy

Wyatt tells Liam that it is fate that the hotel delivered Ivy’s bags to his hotel room. What are you waiting for stake a claim and make the lady yours Wyatt advises his brother.  Liam rtells him that wherever he and Ivy are headed they will get there on their own.  Liam questions his interest.  But Liam understands that he just wants him unavailable to Hope.  After all this time you are threatened by the connection  Hope and I have, Liam accuses.  Wyatt says he finds it tiresome.

Don’t miss out on something you can have by waiting for something that will never be again

You are shoving me into Ivy.  Wyatt admits that Hope is struggling too.  Seeing Liam with Ivy is hurting her also.  The sooner accepts that Hope and Liam are over the better we all will be.  Liam says there is plenty of acceptance.  We are all here together – just in a new configuration.  Wyatt tells him to leave his wife alone and respect his marriage.

Liam finds those words funny coming from Wyatt.  Wyatt says then he should do it for himself and his niece and nephew on the way.

Liam says that he has had to come to terms with a lot of things recently.  And Ivy helps.  Wyatt says Liam is disrespecting Ivy by continually looking at his wife.  Ivy is crazy about you and is waiting for you to make the next move.  Go for it, Wyatt says.  What more inspiration do you need than Amsterdam?

Ivy tells Hope to let go of Liam

Hope tells Ivy she is moving on with her life with Wyatt and her baby on her time table not Ivy’s.  Ivy tells Logan women feel entitled to all the love in the room.  Hope tells Ivy that if this is the bit where she compares Hope to her mother then that’s fine – her mother is an incredible woman.

Let Liam go Ivy tells Hope.  Hope says that obviously Ivy has never been in love like she and Liam have.  You don’t just turn that off.  Ivy asks what other choice she has.  Stop the soulful looks at Liam.  Hope asks why Ivy brought Liam then.  He was the love of her life and she’s sorry that she can’t process everything that has happened between them at light speed.

Hope promises Ivy that she is working on this the best way she knows how.  She’s just asking for just a shred of sympathy.  Stop being so judgmental an emotionally unstable Hope asks of Ivy.

Liam and I will always be connected Hope tells Ivy.  I come with the package Hope says.  You just have to get used to it.

The Bridges of Amsterdam

Later Hope and Liam both end up walking the bridges of Amsterdam.  Hope joins Liam. The make quips about bridges.  He must be thinking about Paris.  Hope is trying to forget it and wanting to move on and accept life as the way it is not.  But its hard she tells Liam.  Really hard.  Liam agrees and they hug.  Liam pulls out of the embrace and Hope walks away.

Wyatt gets a call from Quinn while he is waiting for Lars at his boat.  Wyatt admits Amsterdam would be better without Liam there.  Hope is struggling seeing Ivy and Liam together Wyatt tells him mom. Quinn asks if Wyatt needs Quinn to come out there.  Wyatt says he has it under control – he’s rented a very romantic boat for Liam and Ivy.  Wyatt hangs up.  Lars arrives and tells Wyatt that all is set for a romantic evening on board the boat.  Liam and Ivy will have the boat all night and Lars says they wouldn’t be the first to spend the night on board

Bill and Quinn

Quinn wants to know what Bill is going to do to make sure that Liam and Ivy come home as a couple.  Bill tells her they are not interfering with either of his sons.  Quinn thiks Liam needs a little push towards Ivy. Bill leads Quinn on with things he COULD do.  But he tells her NOT A CHANCE.  We are not interfering.

You’re a pain and a lunatic but Wyatt turned out good.  You deserve credit for that Bill tells her.  She sometimes regrets keeping him out of Wyatt’s life.  It would have been interesting to see how he would have turned out with Bill’s influence.

Quinn doesn’t let go though.  Liam and Ivy should come back from Amsterdam closer.  Hope needs to focus on Wyatt and her child Quinn says. Bill tells Quinn that Hope is afraid of her for good reason.  He advises she chill, but Quinn doesn’t think it fair or acceptable for her to miss out on her grandchild’s milestones.

Bill tires to remind her of all the things she’s done.  Give hope a chance to get over your latest lapse in judgement.  Quinn has an odd fantasy of Quinn giving birth to a baby that is a mini Quinn.



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