November 12: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday November 12, 2014

The Day of the Shoot

Liam delivers Ivy a tulip.  They discuss her modeling debut.  Liam tells her she will be great.  Ivy states that Hope doesn’t feel that way. Ivy says Hope has to let go of Liam she’s pregnant with Wyatt’s baby and she’s married.

Hope and Ivy Prepare to Model

Hope is hopeful that Ivy won’t ruin the photo shoot – she can’t coach her through this she tells Wyatt.  Wyatt says it will be fine and that Hope has to let Liam move on with his life.

Hope apologizes to Wyatt if it seems like she’s been preoccupied.  Wyatt says they have to support his brother in what he chooses.  Hope does not regret being married to Wyatt but wants some understanding.  It wasn’t long ago that she was almost married to Liam.

Liam and Ivy arrive at the boutique.  Wyatt talks to the team about the shoot in Dam Square.  Ivy admits to Liam that she’s nervous.  Hope calls her over.  We’re showcasing her jewelry but they dresses are important too.  Hope gives her some modeling tips.  Move slower than you think you should to allow the photographer to capture the moment.

Liam and Wyatt note the girls seem to be getting along.  He encourages Liam to take advantage of any romantic settings he and Ivy find themselves in.

They head to the shoot location.  At the location Ivy is nervous that she will stuff up the shoot.  Liam reassures her. Liam hugs Ivy and as he is being interviewed Wyatt notices that Hope can’t stop watching Ivy and Liam.

Overhearing that Ivy is nervous Hope approaches (with Wyatt following) and tells Ivy that modeling isn’t for everyone.  If you’re not up to it its totally okay, Hope tells Ivy.  I’m sure everyone would understand.  Ivy asks if Hope doesn’t think she can do it.  Hope says she didn’t say that. Because she’s going to do it Ivy says.

Liam tells them they have Hope; they have Ivy; they have Amsterdam; and Ivy’s beautiful jewelry.  Slam dunk Wyatt states.   But as Hope models she shoots Ivy daggers with her gaze.

As she finishes, Hope challenges Ivy “you’re on Forrester.”

Ivy is initially stiff as she follows Hope.  But she loosens up disappointing Hope.  When Wyatt leaves Hope’s side Liam goes to talk to Hope.  Liam asks her if she’s okay with this and Hope tells Liam she’s not okay with any of this.

Eric Gets a Surprise Visitor – Taylor

Eric receives a surprise visitor – Taylor.  It’s good to see you he says as he hugs her. They discuss Eric stepping down as CEO and the shoot in Amsterdam.  Thomas and Steffy are doing well.  Thomas si dating, but Steffy not so much.  Taylor admits to being a little upset that Hope married Wyatt and is expecting his baby.  Steffy thought it inevitable when she left that Hope and Liam would marry.

Taylor admits that there are some issues between her and Thorne that they are working through.  Eric says he will always support her.  He asks if she will stay in Paris.  Her children are there Taylor says but they don’t need her.  But LA is your home, Eric reassures her. it always will be.

Eric makes two martinis as is his habit and serves Taylor a sparkling water.  They go over Taylor’s behavior before she left Los Angeles outting Brooke’s affair with Bill at her birthday party.  Eric says the first step is forgiving herself.  Taylor admits to being ashamed.

Taylor admits she misses time like this.   Eric tells Taylor that she is always welcome here – she’s one of us.  Eric tells Taylor as he sees her out.  He kisses Taylor on the cheek and then goes back to Stephanie’s portrait. Got one past you didn’t I Eric says, but Stephanie’s portrait falls from the wall.



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