November 26: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday November 26, 2014 – Episode #6962

Thanksgiving 2014

The Forrester’s, Spencer’s and Logan’s gather at the Forrester mansion to enjoy Thanksgiving and a feast prepared by Pam and Charlie.

The Guests Arrive

Rick offers Ridge a drink.  Ridge asks if they are putting aside differences for the day.  Rick says no – from now on.  He’d CEO and Ridge is head designer.  They need to find a way to work together.

Outside Caroline nearly finds Rick on the phone to Maya, but he covers pretending to talk to Fabrice in France.  Maya says she should be there. Rick assures Maya that she will have all they talked about and more.  But to keep his job for now he has to be with Caroline.

Eric notes that Rick and Caroline arrived together.  We’re back together, Rick confirms.

Katie wants to know who she’s sitting next to since a little bird told her they were doing the same thing as the did last yeas – saying something nice about the person next to them.  Katie tells Wyatt and Hope to enjoy this year, because this time next year they won’t be getting any sleep.

Charlie tests Pam – use Pecans instead of almonds on the green beans…Donna arrives in the kitchen to help – they give her a job she should be good at – giving the vegetable tray a mani-pedi and making it look pretty.

Oliver calls everyone to the table under Pam and Charlie’s orders.

Ridge and Caroline wish each other a happy thanksgiving.  It is clear there are still feelings between the two.

Quinn Arrives Uninvited

Outside Hope finds Quinn.  What are you doing here Hope wants to know – you’re not invited.  Quinn asks if this isn’t a holiday about being thankful and putting aside differences.  Isn’t there room at the table for your baby’s grandmother Quinn asks?  And she’ brought yams – Wyatt’s favorite.

Quinn is delighted to see Hope is showing.  Liam comes out and asks if everything is okay.  He offers to throw Quinn out, but not before Quinn notices the new sword necklace Liam is wearing.  When Liam tells her that Ivy made her a new one Quinn quips does that mean you’re going steady? Before leaving.

Eric makes a toast as everyone is at the table.  Last year celebration became a celebration of commitment as well.  Rick and Caroline have had some challenges in their marriage but he asks to toast their first anniversary.

Thankful …

This is no different that the first pilgrim and native Indians coming together to share a harvest.  Say a little something nice about the person on the right.  Hope starts.

Hope to Bill: You are my Father in law and grandfather of my child and created two men who are very important to me – all my life.

Bill to Katie: You are amazing mother to Will.  It warms his heart, Bill tells Katie.  You have pushed me to be a better man and father.  From time to time I hope you can see through my BS…

Katie to Ridge:  Last year I wasn’t’ very happy but then you came back from Paris and change all that.  She’s grateful Ridge came home.

Ridge to Caroline: Caroline pulled Ridge through a dark time In her life and he will always be grateful

Caroline to Rick: Caroline is thankful to be by Rick’s side for his journey as CEO.  Happy Anniversary.

Rick to Charlie: Charlie keeps them safe at work, well fed and a smile on Pam’s face.  They’re eternally grateful for that.

Charlie to Pam: Pam fascinates Charlie. You are perfect he tells her.  Thank you for making him the happiest security guard it he world

Pam to Eric: Pam used to hate Thanksgiving. She would imagine him and Stephanie in LA a table full of laughter.  Now she’s here.  He gave her a job and a family,  He rescued her.

Eric to Donna: Eric tells Donna they have remained close.  And he’s grateful she loved him for a while.  Forever she tells him.

Eric says Stephanie would have loved this Eric says.  He thanks everyone for being with him here today.

Donna to Carter: Getting to know you has been a treat.  Thanks for being my son’s brother and making him feel like he belongs.  She respects him and his parents.

Carter to Oliver: Carter says Oliver is the friendliest guy he knows. It’s hard to be unhappy around him.

Oliver to Aly: Aly amazed Oliver.  She’s like no girl he ever met – do you hear that Darla Oliver asks.

Aly to Ivy: Aly feels lucky to have Ivy here.  Her jewelry is awesome but she loves having her as a friend.  With her family in Oz and her dad in Paris they are two Forrester girls looking after each other.

Ivy to Liam: Ivy didn’t see life in LA being anything other than work – then she met Liam.  She loves the sense of excitement when she thinks about what is ahead for them.

Liam to Wyatt: Liam admires Wyatt’s ambition.  You came to town, proved himself.  Everything he seeks out he accomplishes.  Now he has a baby on the way,.  Happy Thanksgiving.



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