November 5: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday November 5, 2014

The Ultrasound

As Hope and Wyatt kiss and the “nurse” bumps into something.  Wyatt turns around and realizes its Quinn.  Quinn admits to having been there for the entire ultrasound.  Hope yells that Quinn has just ruined this special moment for her and its time to get that restraining order.  Quinn tries to tell her that’s unnecessary.  She’s eccentric not dangerous.

Wyatt tells his mother that there is no way she should be here.  But Wyatt asks Hope to see his position.  This isn’t normal Hope says.  Nothing about this okay.  Wyatt tries to defend his mother by asking how Hope’s mother would feel about being cut out of this baby’s life.  Hope tells her husband her mother wouldn’t do this.

This baby is a part of her son, Quinn says.  She can’t walk away from that.  She needs to prove herself to Hope and someday she will forgive her

You’ve done this to yourself Quinn says.  Hope leaves but on her way out tells Wyatt to deal with his mother.  She never wants to have this conversation again.

Wyatt argues with his mother about her continued actions.  She doesn’t want to jeopardize his marriage when she worked so hard to make it happen.  Quinn promises to be good from here on out.

Quinn looks at the ultrasound – this is a new beginning for all of them.  All she is asking for is a chance.  She just wants to be part of his family and hold her grandchild in her arms.

Liam Visits Ivy at Forrester

Liam arrives at Forrester again to find Ivy pairing jewelry with dresses. Liam admits he ran into Hope earlier and she’s having her first ultrasound.  Liam says its real; she’s having Wyatt’s baby and she’s tied to Wyatt and crazy Quinn for the rest of her life.  Ivy agrees Hope is going to be looking over her shoulder for lunatic Quinn for the rest of her life.

Ivy tells Liam that John was here earlier.  She admits to Liam that she overheard the conversation Liam had with John at the party last time he was here.  Liam says he’s glad – at least someone was listening (John fell asleep).  Liam admits that what he told John he really wanted to tell Ivy

Ivy gets a text to take care of some passport details and leaves.  Hope enters.  Liam asks how it went.  Everyone is healthy Hope says.  Liam asks to see the photo, surprising Hope.

Hope admits that there was a surprise at the ultrasound – Quinn disguised in surgical gown.  Hope stalker attempted murderer – of course she doesn’t want her in her baby’s life.  Hope says she wants a restraining order.  Hope says Wyatt thinks it’s not necessary but he’s supportive.  Hope admits that Wyatt thinks Hope will come around.  Liam understands Wyatt wanting his mom in his life, but Liam tells Hope not to.  Quinn is dangerous and Hope doesn’t need Quinn in her life.

Ivy returns to the office where she left Liam.  She doesn’t look around before saying that rick isn’t going to Amsterdam anymore and that Hope is taking his place.  She really hopes they can all….Ivy stops talking as she turns around and realizes Hope is in the office not Liam.

Find a way to get a long – she feels like things have become a little tense since she became involved with Liam. Hope says they are both professionals – that shouldn’t be a problem.  Ivy says she doesn’t’ want any of this to affect their work.  They are the only two working on this jewelry line and the launch is important.

Hope says she is over Liam but Ivy doesn’t think that’s true.  You would still be together if it wasn’t for Quinn.  This was manipulation, not fate.  Quinn got in the way and you turned to Wyatt.  Now there’s a baby on the way.  This is your life now Ivy tells her and it will be amazing.  Ivy is about to start a life with Liam and if they are to keep working together Hope needs to find a way to accept that.

Taylor and Ali

Oliver tells Ali that they probably hired some European photographer for the Amsterdam shoot.  Taylor walks in on Oliver and Ali kissing.  She’s here on business.  Ali asks about her dad.  He’s working hard Taylor says.  And he’s worried about me – Ali says.

Taylor tells Oliver you’ve had an amazing impact on Aly and they are very glad to him in Ali’s life.  Oliver gets called away to the photo studio (to do his job!) leaving Taylor and Ali alone.  Taylor offers Ali to be there for her – even though she’s far away.  Taylor wants her to fell comfortable coming to her – even as a mother.  Aly tells Taylor that’s really sweet, but her own mom is here with her every day.  Ali tells Taylor she’s here right now.

Taylor seems concerned about Ali still talking to her mom.  Ali tells her this is her reality and they don’t have a typical mother daughter relationship but this is what they do have.  Ali tells Taylor she should believe what she wants to and so will Ali.  Ali talks with Darla as she speaks to Taylor leaving Taylor a little concerned.



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