December 1: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, December 1, 2014 – Episode #6963

Baby Shower Plans

Ivy tells Hope that it was a lovely way to celebrate the holidays. Pam and Aly suggest doing the same at Hope’s shower – best wishes for baby.  Hope loves the idea.

Eric turns the focus of the meeting to business.  Rick has made some questionable decisions recently but sending Ivy and Hope to Amsterdam wasn’t one of them Eric states as he looks at the photos.

Hope pats her belly and says her modeling days are done for a while.  The ladies thank Eric for the use of the house for the shower – but no men allowed!

Eric compliments Hope on how she handled herself in Amsterdam.  He knows there was some tension between her and Ivy and unlike her brother she didn’t let her personal feelings get in the way.  Hope admits she could have handled herself better…Seeing Ivy with Liam was difficult.

After what happened with Rick and Caroline she feels she should be honest with him.  It wasn’t long ago that she was making the exact same plans she is living with Wyatt, with Liam.  She admits it still feels unfair. Eric notes she would still be with Liam if Quinn hadn’t manipulated her.  She can get past it, Eric says to Hope and he thanks her for her honesty.

Wyatt and Liam

Working from home Liam is also reviewing the photos of the shoot and remembering his farewell with Hope on a bridge in Amsterdam.  He smiles as he remembers spending time with Ivy ont eh boat.  Wyatt walks in.

Wyatt is trying to capitalize on the good feelings from Thanksgiving.  He was hoping they could get along and maybe get together more regularly when the baby on the way.  Would Liam and Ivy be up for that Wyatt asks?

Work turns to the proofs of the shoot.  Liam is going to give the campaign a two page spread in Eye on Fashion.  Wyatt thinks it deserves a cover.  Liam agrees it will be a successful campaign.  But Wyatt is more interested if Liam and Ivy got to enjoy Amsterdam after he and Hope left.

You and Ivy are good together – you moving on doesn’t have to be a heavy thing Wyatt ells his brother. You and Ivy can have a great life together – just like the one he and Hope have.

Hope tells Liam about the Boat Ride

Hope stops by Liam’s on the way to her shower.  She’s not here about the photos but she does want to talk about Amsterdam.  Hope says she say him kissing Ivy on the boat.  It was a fluke Hope says.  Liam apologizes.  They didn’t see her.

Is that why you left Liam says?  Hope admits the flight over was awkward.  But Thanksgiving was nice.  Hope says Ivy has been really friendly and she seems really happy.  Liam says it was a good trip topped off by a mystery boat ride.  Hope tells Liam that Wyatt organized the boat ride.  Of course Liam says.  He was trying to do something nice.  Hope says.

Ivy told me she loved me, Liam tells Hope.  A surprised Hope says “Wow – what did you say.” And then works out he told Ivy that he loves her too.

She’s a wonderful person Hope says and exactly the type of woman Liam should be with.  She appreciates him and she knows he wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t mean it. She’s been there for him – it was only a matter of time.  Hope tells Liam she’s happy for him.

Diaper Cake

Ivy, Pam and Aly make a diaper cake for the shower.   Ivy reflects on telling Liam she loves him and Liam telling her the same.  Ivy tells Aly it was everything she would have wanted that moment to be.

Quinn Plans to attend Hope’s Baby Shower

Quinn comes into he kitchen and tells Quinn she ruined his surprise – breakfast in bed.  She says its nice sharing her life with someone else.  We’re going to be a family now Deacon tells her.  But Quinn says not if Hope ahs anything to say about it.  She hasn’t come round yet.  She says she should have been invited to Thanksgiving.  Give her some space Deacon says.  Quinn says she is the child’s grandmother and Hope treated her worse than a stranger.  Don’t push her.  Quinn says she could at least have told Wyatt she was there.  How many holidays is she supposed to miss with her son and grandchild.

Deacon gets a call from Pam. She tells him there is a baby shower for Hope at Erics place.  Its female only and Pam would rather he didn’t appear unannounced.  Quinn overhears:  Hoep s having a baby shower today she asks?  Deacon tells her to not even think about it.

When Quinn leaves the room she tries to work out what to wear to a baby shower.



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