December 12: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, December 12, 2014 – Episode #6972

Liam Comforts Hope

Liam had a feeling she would be at Brooke’s place.  Hope can’t believe her baby is gone.  Liam wants to know if there is anything he can do.  He’s doing it Hope tells him.  Liam asks if Wyatt is inside but Hope says she came alone.

He wasn’t even born and she loved him so much.  An entire life before him and now it’s all gone because for one second she wasn’t careful.

This was because of Quinn Liam tells her and he’s not going to let blame herself for one second.  It was an accident Liam tells a crying Hope.  Sometimes there are no reasons.  Random and horrible things just happen.

You’re always there when I need you Hope says.  He says he always will be.  As she will be for him, Hope says.  For the past couple months my life has revolved around my pregnancy and that is all gone now, Hope tells Liam.

Hope tells Liam that her life goes on however.  She wanted to be with Liam more than anything but when she got pregnant she wanted to give her baby something she didn’t have growing up. She wanted to give her family a chance but she never stopped loving Liam.

Liam asks her what now.  She needs her mom to sort through her pain and confusion.  She doesn’t know for how long.  Just until she pieces her life back together and works out why all this happened.  She’s leaving now for Milan.  I love you she tells Liam.  She will always love him.

They kiss.

Katie Checks on Bill

Katie visits Bill who could use the company. He appreciates that she thought of him.  He suffered a loss too and she will be there for whatever he needs.

I had a grandson on the way and now he’s gone Bill says.  He hasn’t seen Wyatt – he figured he needed time to heal.  It shouldn’t have happened.  So many kids come into the world unwanted but this baby had a whole extended family just waiting with open arms.  His grandson should have had a shot at life.

O you think this is the sins of the father?  Both my boys lose their first born.  Liam with Steffy.  Wyatt with Hope.  Katie suggests this has nothing to do with him gut he can take it on if he wants.

This didn’t have to happen.  Quinn was the catalyst.  She had no business on Brooke’s property This horrific loss is completely her fault.  Katie realizes that Bill is looking to right a wrong.  Don’t do anything you are going to regret Katie tells Bill.

Bill says you care about me.  And he kisses her.  Bill leaves leaving Katie speechless for a minue.  Don’t do anything you can’t take back

Wyatt Blames Quinn For the Loss of His Son

Quinn tells her son that she just wanted to have a place in her grandbaby’s life.  Grandson Wyatt tells her.  He and Hope were going to have a boy.

Wyatt says he should have protected his family.  Hope begged him to do that but he failed.  Quinn says that she never wanted to be part of this unspeakable loss.  Please tell me you believe in me Quinn begs her son.

He always has.  But Hope wanted her out of their lives for good reason.  His baby is gone now.  he should have listened to Hope instead of Quinn.  He should have been more protective and stood his ground against Quinn.

Quinn owns up to her mistakes but she’s not responsible for Hope losing her baby.  Wyatt tells her she may not have pushed Hope down the stairs but Quinn was the reason that Hope was on the stairs.  Because of Quinn he has lost everything Wyatt tells his mother.

Your obsessed suffocating love has cost him everything.  Wyatt is done and tells his mom goodbye.  Quinn cries. Alone Quinn goes out on the balcony of her loft.  She reflects on the months of Hopes pregnancy and being asked and begged to stay away.  Bill arrives sees her standing on the edge and tells her:”Do it.”




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