December 15: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, December 15, 2014 – Episode #6973

Deacon Saves Quinn

She just came up for air, Quinn says.  Bill says they guilt should be eating away at her.  She took his grandson.

End it right here by taking one step Bill says.  Deacon arrives and tells her not to do it.  Move away from the edge.  Please come to me Deacon tells Quinn.

Quinn comes off the edge.  Deacon turns to Bill and asks what he was doing.  Bill leaves and Deacon hugs Quinn.   Inside Quinn says she wasn’t going to jump but maybe she should have.  Bill was right.  IF it weren’t for her they would still be expecting a grandchild.

Wyatt is never going to speak to her again.  She took away his future Quinn says.  In time they may have another child Deacon suggests.  Quinn would understand if he wanted to walk away from her and not have anything to do with her.  Deacon assures her he isn’t going anywhere.  He knows she had no intentions of hurting his daughter or his grandson.

Quinn asks why she didn’t stay away.  It can’t be changed Deacon says.  No one could have predicted what would have happened next Deacon assures Quinn.  But Quinn can’t stop going over it.  She feels so guilty.  She has hurt so many people.  What is wrong with her Quinn asks Deacon?

Hope was right Quinn says.  I hurt her baby just like she feared all along.  Why didn’t I listen?  I didn’t consider anyone else.  Al I wanted was what I wanted and look what I did.  I took my sons little boy away from him and everyone.

Deacon isn’t going to let Quinn pin this on herself.  Quinn just wants to disappear and go away.  But Deacon isn’t going to let her give up on life.  He doesn’t want to live without her Deacon tells Quinn.

Rick Plays His Part at Forrester Creations

At Forrester everyone feels bad for Hope and Wyatt.  Hope is on the way to Italy to be with her mom.

Rick changes the conversation to something positive.  Rick congratulates Ridge and Caroline on the couture line.  Carter reviews the numbers. Rick says they both should be very proud.

We need to produce more designs.  Eric asks to see Caroline’s work.  They’re good he tells Rick but they aren’t working together as a team.  The designs Caroline did on her own are fresh and interesting but they lack flair and panache.  Caroline and Ridge should b a design team again Eric tells Ridge and Caroline.

Eric is pleased that Ridge is designing again but he isn’t 100% yet.  As CEO Rick isn’t asking they design today, he is insisting.  What happened in the past wwas jealousy.  Eric likes Rick’s attitude.  Design together, Rick tells his wife.  I trust you.

Caroline hugs her husband.

Rick Sets Maya Up In a Mistress Apartment

Rick meets Maya at an apartment.  He leads her inside and tells her this is her new apartment (Steffy’s loft!)  Maya is surprised and impressed.  The place is beautiful and so much bigger than her closet above Daisy’s.  Rick admits it was Steffy’s – Jackie Marone put the tub in Rick tells her.

Rick tells Maya that everything is going to plan.  She says lets hop into the tub…Caroline calls while they are in the tub.  He tells her he can’t talk – he’s up to his neck in hot water…

Ridge and Caroline…

Later alone, Caroline and Ridge discuss collaborating again.  Caroline says rick is right them working together is good for the company.  She is proud of Rick.  He is more committed to their marriage than ever.  And so is she, Caroline tells Ridge.  He’s proven his loyalty to her bu giving her another chance.  Caroline hopes them working together works out.



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