December 16: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, December 16, 2014 – Episode #6974

Rick Prepares His Next Move

Maya wonders how she can ever thank Rick.  He says he’s asking a lot of her.  He’s hired an attorney to make a move on the leadership of Forrester Creations.  If it goes to plan Caroline and Ridge are about to get the shock of their lives…

Ricks’ lawyer, Chris arrives, thinking they are having a photo shoot in the apartment,  he brought the papers giving him irrevocable control over Forrester Creations.  It has to be signed by Eric. And once signed Eric can never remove Rick.  The lawyer reminds him this is not a friendly move in a family company.  Rick tells him either he does it or he hires another attorney.  Chris says he will proceed.

With the papers finalized rick reflects that this will put both Ridge and Caroline in their places.  Once singed his life begins and he can tell them both to go to hell.

Showstopper First

Caroline and Ridge are designing together: Showstopper, first then design the collection around that.  Caroline wants Ridge’s opinion, but Ridge doesn’t’ think it’s necessary.  Caroline is just trying to keep things open with her husband since he’s been supportive of them working together again.

Eric arrives and asks where Rick is.  Caroline says he’s up to his neck in hot water.  Eric just wanted to tell him he’s proud of the way Rick is handling himself.  It can wait.  He’s being the CEO he could be,  Eric tells Ridge that he has to meet Rick half way.  Ridge is trying.  Eric tells him to try harder.

Ridge still thinks he should be CEO.  Eric says Ridge and Caroline are the best design team in the business.  Rick knows that.

Later alone with Eric, Caroline thanks him telling him that Rick has never been more committed to her and their marriage.

Rick arrives back at the building and talks to Eric.  Eric tells Rick he was very impressed how he behaved at the meeting today.  Rick says the swift kick is what he needed.  Now he really knows what he needs to do.  Rick intends to follow Eric’s example as he leads this company into the future.  Rick hands him the papers giving him irrevocable control.  That way Ridge can’t deny his position as CEO.  It will be better for the company.  If Eric really believes in Rick, as he says,  Rick asks him to show him by signing the papers.

Bill Wants His Family Back

Bill arrives to find Katie and Will playing.  He wonders if Will is happy to see Daddy.  And what about Will’s mommy is she happy to see daddy too?

Bill tells Will a story to put him to sleep; a fairy tale about a dark knight who rules a kingdom with three princes and an ex queen.

He realizes that Katie is planning a special night when the chef has an accident in the kitchen.  Not Forrester he says.  All Katie will say is that something significant is happening here tonight and its none of his business.

Since Brooke’s departure Bill has realized the best times of his life have been with her.  When they are all together…he wants his family back.  He wants them back Bill tells Katie.  Bill tells Katie that he made the biggest mistake of his life letting her go.  He asks her not to compound it.

Katie wants to know where this is coming from.  They never stopped loving each other Bills says.  Don’t do something tonight that we are both going to regret.

Ridge arrives home to find the place set for a romantic evening.  It’s a special evening Katie tells him as she hands him a glass of wine.  Whats the occasion Ridge asks.  Katie just hapes they can put their hard recent times behind them and make a fresh start tognight.

Ridge takes her hand with the string and says he should have replaced it with the real deal a long time ago.  It symbolizes a lot Katie thinks – do you think a minister would agree?



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