December 17: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 – Episode #6975

Will Eric Sign?

Eric notes that if he signs he loses all leverage at the company and it will give Rick final say over everything.  He’ll still have voting rights Rick reminds him.  Rick is ready to rung the company into the future with Caroline but it’s awfully hard to do with Ridge plotting to undermine him.

Maya enters Rick’s office and notices Rick’s mood.  Eric didn’t sign the papers. They have to continue this ridiculous charade Maya says.  Rick says she can’t come in here kissing like that.  Rick tells her that he has to play this out.  How long Maya wants to know.  Rick says he’s calling a meeting.  Maya and Rick are going to put on a show.  Maya is unsure…

The Meeting…

Eric tells Rick he is pleased with his attitude.  Rick has Maya sent in at the end of the meeting.  What is she doing here Caroline wants to know?  Rick tells Maya that she has been a great asset t this company but its time for Maya to move on.  Are you firing me Maya asks?  I can’t have you working here anymore Rick tells Maya – Caroline is my wife and I need to make sure she has a working environment conducive to the important role she plays in this company.

What am I supposed to do go back to waiting back to tables?  Maya accuses Caroline of being behind this.  Rick highlights that Caroline had no idea.  He’s doing this for his marriage and the company.  Maya claims to be committed to the company no he’s firing her.  Eric overrides Rick – Maya stays.  What happened between him and Maya took two – Maya does not lose her job over this.

Eric adjourns the meeting.  Alone with Rick Caroline thanks him…Eric watches as Caroline thanks him for his “loyalty”  You deserve it – every bit of it Rick tells her with another meaning behind his words.

Bill Wants Katie Back

Justin doesn’t have Bill’s attention.  He is focused on Katie.  Justin thinks he’s taking about Brooke.  Bill says its Katie…Brooke isn’t returning his calls and has completely cut him out of her life.

Bill tells Justin that Katie deserves better than Forrester.  You want her back Justin notes seeing how concerned he is for Katie.  He had everything right there in front of him – beautiful wife, family.  Bill thinks it’s too late however.  She’s putting her life together with a dress maker.

Katie Dumps Ridge

Ridge shows Katie what he is working on. Did you do this by yourself she asks.  Ridge admits he’s working with Caroline again.  Rick and Eric insisted on it.  Katie asks how he feels about that.  He wants him and Caroline to just be able to do the work and not feel awkward in any way.

What’s going on Ridge asks Katie.

Katie says her string is falling apart.  Let’s do something about that Ridge says.  That’s what tonight is all about.  Katie says she has to do what is right by her and her son.  Rick and Eric want you and Caroline to keep working together and you should.  You are phenomenal together.

You came into my life at just the right time.  When you talk about your work a light goes on inside you and it’s not because of me. Katie says.  Ridge says he will always be grateful to Caroline. She helped him a great deal.  But it’s more than gratitude, Katie notes.  She asks if Ridge loves Caroline.

Ridge tells Katie he loves her.  Katie loves him also but it’s not enough.  She’s not angry and its but enough.  His work is who he is and it makes him happy.  Above all she wants him to be happy.

She looks at her string.  She’s going to take this off.  Katie knows this moment was coming she’s been putting it off.  Ridge doesn’t want her to do that.  But Katie thinks she has to because she knows how their story will end and she never wants to regret loving him or him loving her.

You came into my life when I really needed to be loved by someone and she will never regret that.  She unties her engagement string with tears in her eyes.  See?  That wasn’t so hard she says.

Ridge is sorry.  Katie doesn’t want him to lie to her or himself.  Katie wishes that she could be the one that inspires him – but she’s not.  It’s just the truth – you can’t change it.

Ridge doesn’t know what his truth is anymore.  Katie hopes he finds it.  Their time together has been magical and she will never forget a single second of it.  Neither will Ridge.  They kiss, Ridge picks up his jacket and leaves…

Alone inside Katie places her engagement string in a poetry book.



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