December 18: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Thursday, December 18, 2014 – Episode #6976

Bill and Katie

Bill rushes in to Katie’s place.  Tell me you didn’t marry the dressmaker.  Ridge isn’t here and he won’t be.  I broke up with him Katie tells Bill.  That’s my Katie he says as he sees her finger missing the string.  It’s music to his ears.

Bill says he thought she was headed the other way.  Katie let him think that.  She and Ridge had something good for a while but somewhere along the line they stopped connecting.  Now you’re free to return to me Bill says.

He’s had a lot of time to reevaluate what was important.  It freaked him out thinking he was going to lose her.  He was thinking maybe they are on the same wave length.

Katie tells him that she broke up with Ridge because of Katie and Ridge.  We stopped functioning as a couple during his whole inability to draw crisis.  Bill isn’t sorry because Ridge is the most self indulgent individual he knows.  He’s glad he’s gone.

Katie finds the attention flattering but he’s forgetting Brooke.  She will be back.  Bill says if Brooke comes back and finds them together she’ll be happy.  What Brooke says and does are two different things Katie says.  She has feelings for Bill.

Bill says he wants them back.  Brooke hasn’t acted on those feelings.  You me and Will are what’s important and I want to put my family back together.  Its known around the world that Dollar Bill Spencer gets what he wants…

Bill kisses Will good night and says he should leave.  Katie says he doesn’t have to rush off…

Rick and Caroline

Rick comes home to find Caroline dressed for romance.  She tells him she’s lucky for him forgiving her when she came so close to screwing everything up.  She doesn’t have to keep apologizing Rick says its behind us.  Let’s make our reunion official Caroline says kissing her husband.

But Rick says his days not done – he has to go back to the office.  He’s never been this tired before in his life Rick says when she says she misses snuggling with her husband.  But Rick takes a rain check and leaves.  Are we okay Caroline asks as he leaves.  Never better Rick tells Caroline.

When Caroline touches him all she can think of is her hands on Ridge.  How far did they actually go?  Maya tells Rick that her apartment is a Caroline free zone when he rehashes what happened.

Caroline and Ivy

Caroline finds Ivy in the Forrester kitchen.  Ivy is texting a friend planning her night.  Caroline admits to being frustrated with the lack of quality time with her husband.  She wants to show him how committed she is to their marriage but she needs him to be alert awake and in the room, Caroline tells Ivy.

Caroline tells Ivy Rick seems committed he made his position clear when he tried to fire Rick.  Caroline wants to take Rick away for a while.  Ivy says she may have to work around the job for a while.  Caroline says accept her punishment.  Strong marriages survive Ivy tells Caroline.  Caroline thanks her for the pep talk.

Ivy leaves to check out a friend’s new apartment.  Alone, back at home Caroline test Rick that she’ waiting and please come home.

Rick Goes to Maya’s

Rick goes to Mayas apartment and gets his intimacy there.  They discuss coming out of hiding once Eric signs the papers giving him control of Forrester Creations.  Rick says running the con at work but alone with her it’s hard.  She wants a full relationship and Rick can’t give it to her.  Maya says she didn’t sign up for that.  Rick tells Maya that Caroline being hurt that her husband doesn’t want to be with her is her own bad karma coming back to her.  It’s on Caroline, not him Rick says.  She looked elsewhere first.

Later, Rick prepares to leave Mayas apartment. Rick steps out intot he corridor as Ivy comes around the corner unseen. She hides around the corner and is horrified to see Rick kissing Maya who is dressed in a robe!



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