December 2: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 – Episode #6964

Hope’s Baby Shower – Hope Forgives Quinn?

Ivy and Caroline start they baby shower with Mimosa’s.  Caroline asks who’s coming.  Pam says Maya is coming she didn’t think they could leave it out.  Ivy asks if Hope’s monster in law is coming.  Aly says no way. Hope would be livid if Quinn came.

Ivy agrees that Hope should keep Quinn far away from that little baby.

Donna and Katie arrive with a big box for the shower.  The Aunts are taking over for the mother today.  They wish Brooke could be there. What about the other grandma they ask?  Pam says Hope made it clear Quinn wasn’t welcome.

Caroline notes that Maya too is unwanted when Maya arrives.

Hope arrives and is impressed with what the ladies put together for her. Pam starts the games…outside Quinn arrives at the front door but thinks better of using the door.  Hope admits they felt a flutter the other night.  Maya changes the subject when conversation turns to Caroline making Hope an aunt.

Meanwhile Quinn has arrived inside – upstairs!  Quinn comes down from upstairs…

Quinn promises not to cause any problems.  No you won’t because you’re not staying Ivy says.  Quinn appeals to Hope.  She did the best she could with Wyatt.  Quinn notes her sins.  She has learned from them.  She would never cause Hope and her grandchild any harm.  She just wants to love them both.  Quinn gets on her knees and begs.  Katie tells Quinn to leave.  But Hope tells her to stay – mom…

Hope and Liam Discuss Their Lives – Without Each Other

Hope knows Liam has to move on…Liam didn’t want to lie to Hope.  Hope is glad they can be honest with each other.  He can tell her anything.  So much has happened so fast for both of them.  Liam agrees its a lot to take in.  They want each other to be happy.  Even though they can’t be together having Liam being with someone like Ivy is comforting.  She’s a good person, she loves him and that is what he deserves.

Hope admits to being excited about her future with Wyatt and their baby.  Someday Liam says all of this will make sense – somehow.  That baby will bring you so much joy.  That makes all this bearable he tells Hope.  He can tell that this baby means everything to her.  Hope wishes she could describel the incredible feelings she has.  She is already so in love with this baby.

Hope leaves for her baby shower.  Liam confirms that Quinn isn’t coming.  Liam asks if he can feel the baby.  Of course Hope says.

Quinn Plans to attend Hope’s Baby Shower

Quinn picks an outfit for the baby shower.  Deacon sees her dressed up and tells Quinn the best thing she can do is stay away from his daughter.  Ease up and stop fixating Deacon says.

But Quinn can’t.  She has plans she tells Deacon when he wants her to stay with him.

Liam and Deacon

Liam arrives at Quinn’s loft to find Deacon there.  They both wonder what the other is doing thee.  Deacon lives there.  Oh God you and Quinn Liam says – she’s insane and dangerous.  Does Hope know?  Liam asks.  Deacon admits she wasn’t supportive.  Liam asks where Quinn is.  Deacon has no clue.

Quinn scares the hell out of Deacon– that’s part of the charm.  Liam advises Deacon to sleep with one eye open.  Deacon asks what makes him think he doesn’t.  Liam asks Deacon if Quinn is not at the shower.



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