December 22: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, December 22, 2014 – Episode #6978

Rick Warns Ivy to Keep Her Mouth Closed

Caroline walks into the Forrester kitchen to find Rick and Ivy talking. A difference of opinion Rick says when Caroline asks what they are talking about.  Caroline decides that Rick and Ivy are workaholdics discussing work.  Carline tells Rick that Ivy knows everything.  She yapped her ear off about Ricks work schedule earlier.  Rick tells Caroline he will be home shortly.  Caroline leaves and Rick tells Ivy she can leave too.  He’s got nothing more to say to her.

You and Maya are still together.  Ivy says.  That wasn’t a good night kiss.  Just tell me you’re not having an affair Ivy says.  Rick tells Ivy that things are going well at Forrester for her, he’d hate to see things messed up.  Forrester has done a lot for you Maya, I expect you to do the same for me, Rick warns.  Drop it.

Rick goes home and finds Caroline dressed for seduction…Caroline wants their marriage to feel normal again.  They want to move forward.  Let’s have a baby, Caroline says.  But Rick thinks they are too busy.  Caroline kisses Rick but he pulls away.  We just got back together, Rick says.  This is a big decision and he’s tired.  Rick goes to sleep leaving Caroline disappointed.  She can’t help but realize something is amiss.  Rick hasn’t forgiven her.

At Maya’s Apartment

Maya fills Othello in on the situation with Rick.  Rick loses his job if he leaves Caroline.  But Rick will fix it and then he will never have to spend another night with Caroline again.  Rick’s playing Caroline Othello notes.  Maya thinks Caroline deserves what she gets.  Othello is surprised that Maya doesn’t have a problem with any of this.  Maya says its only temporary – living in Steffy and Jackie’s old loft.  Soon she will be living in a Forrester mansion with Rick.

Rick has a plan Maya says; Papers to make him permanent CEO of Forrester.  Once Eric signs Rick will stop hiding and we will run Forrester together.   Maya will be the families new Matriarch Maya announces to Othello.

Later, Maya gets a visitor – Ivy.  We need to talk Ivy says – about you and Rick. End this with Rick now and I will leave, Ivy says.  Maya tries to tell Ivy she’s fine with that, because of the way Rick talked to her at the office, today.  Ivy tells her she knows Rick was at her apartment tonight, surprising Maya.  End this Ivy tells her.  Ivy suggests she respect herself. You can’t feel good about chasing a married man.

Maya says she loves him.  They will be together, Maya says.  Keep your mouth shut otherwise you’ll be boomeranging back to Australia quicker than you can say didgeridoo.  The good life isn’t reserved for Forrester’s.  Would it be so bad if I became part of the family.  Sooner or later, Ricks relationship with Caroline will end Maya tells Ivy as she shows her the door.

At Forrester Creations

Ridge is still at work designing reflecting on collaborating with Caroline. Carter enters telling him he’s leaving.  Ridge is going to crash at the office.  Carter wants him to come to a new club with him. Ridge is sure he doesn’t need a wing man.  Carter picks a shirt…and changes.  He needs a woman in his life Carter says as he changes.  They discuss what Maya did – coming on to Rick.  It was only a matter of time before Rick dumped Maya and went back to Caroline, Carter notes.  He did try to warn Maya.

Ridge and Carter discuss him working with Caroline again.  Ridge admits that he didn’t think Rick had it in him to let them work together.  Ridge says maybe he was wrong about him.

Carter asks if there are no issues with Ridge having feelings for Caroline.  They decide Rick is over it.  Ridge says he’s impressed with Rick – he’s giving Caroline the attention he deserves.  Designing with Caroline was magical but things are different now.



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