December 3: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 – Episode #6965

Hope’s Baby Shower

Everyone is surprised as Quinn welcomes Quinn into the fold with the power of forgiveness.  Quinn is graciously welcomed – but it’s a fantasy!  Quinn is still lurking on the stairs…

Aly and Ivy discuss Liam saying he loved her.  She didn’t expect it so soon.  Aly says why not, she’s been there for Liam.  Ivy still has to come to terms with the knowledge that Liam will over have feelings for Hope Ivy admits when Aly asks if she’s jealous.

Hope begins opening presents.  She gets a baby carriage from Donna and Katie. Booties with hand placed gems from Ivy (not he gems are not real.

Caroline tells Maya that all her stuff better be out of her house.  Anything Caroline finds tht isn’t hers will be trashed.  You lost Myrna.  Rick has come back to me before Maya tells Carolien who advices her not to count on that happening again.

Ivy thanks Hope for inviting her.  We’re family says.  Not rivals Ivy asks?  Rivals have something to dispute Hope says.  Hope is in love with Wyatt and Liam loves her.

The head outside to play a game and Quinn sneaks downstairs. Quinn looks at the baby gifts…and cuts herself some cake…then she leaves…

Back inside Hope thanks everyone for coming and presents.  She will be calling on all of them for help.  Ivy asks if Hope needs help with the gifts and Hope accepts her help.  Hope thanks her again for being there. Ivy tells Hope that Liam called worried that Quinn would have crashed.  Hope admits she was worried about that too.  Hope hopes id didn’t bother Ivy that it called.  Anyone that wants to be with Liam needs to accept Hope is part of his life.

Liam and Deacon

Liam tells Deacon he needs to head Quinn off with his new influence.  Their relationship works because they do their own thing.   Deacon told her to back off give Hope some time to come around.  Hope if forgiving and compassionate.  Liam says that Quinn has done things that can’t be forgiven.  He doesn’t understand how Deacon can be with a woman who has hurt her so many times.  Quinn is  a full blown sociopath Liam says. She needs to be locked

He doesn’t condone Quinn’s behavior but he understands it. She’s a single mother and she’ had to fight for every single thing she has and sometime she fights dirty.

Liam warns him that Quinn will turn on him too.  Deacon says in the mean time he has needs and wants and Quinn checks the boxes.  Deacon even thinks that maybe he can broker peace.  Liam says Hope will never accept Quinn.

Deacon is trying optimism  over pessimism.  Liam says Quinn will never hurt her grandkid.  Hope will never let her near her child – ever.  Deacon assures Liam that people can change.  She’s just like everyone else with bad impulse control.  Liam decides to check in to make sure Quinn hasn’t crashed the baby shower.  Liam checks in with Ivy to check if Quinn has turned up.  Ivy says

Deacon notes that Liam still loves her.  Liam says he’s with Ivy now.  Hope is very special to him.  Feelings llike that don’t die and Hope will always be a part of him.  His first instinct will always be to protect Hope.  Ivy understands and doesn’t rush him to get over Hope.  He’s committed to Ivy and they are building something.  Deacon tells Liam that he would have been proud to have Liam a a father in law.

Deacon goes to run errands while Liam stays at the loft to make phone calls.  Cut Quinn some sack she is trying Deacon says as he leaves.

Quinn Comes Home – Liam Confronts Her

Quinn gets home  to find Liam in her living room.  Where you been Liam wants to know.  Quinn simply says out but he grabs the plate with cake she brought in.  You went to the shower didn’t you.  You know how Hope feels and you didn’t care.  You went anyway.  You’re relentless.  Quinn insists she didn’t do anything.  Liam said that she warned Hope that Quinn is part of the package being involved with Wyatt.

Liam tells Quinn that his eyes are fixed on her and as long as he is breathing he will protect Hope form her, Liam tells Quinn.



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