December 5: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Friday, December 5, 2014 – Episode #6967

Liam Wants to Hire Security

Liam assures Hope he won’t let Quinn get anywhere near her.  Liam is thinking of hiring security to prevent Quinn stalking Hope.

Liam tells Hope he talked to Deacon.  Be careful Hope warns.  Going to Quinn’s may not be a good idea.  She hates you the most, Hope warns Liam.

Hope gets a call from Deacon.  Deacon wants to talk to her.  But Hope says she’s with Liam.  Hope will call him back tonight.  Liam warns Hope not to tell her dad who lives with Quinn that she’s with him.  She needs to be careful.

Liam hugs her and leaves for work.  This baby is all that matters Liam says.  You take care of the baby, I’ll take care of Quinn Liam tells Hope as he leaves Brooke’s house.

Deacon tells Quinn to respect Hope’s Privacy

Deacon arrives home to a quiet Quinn.  She’s looking at a photo from the ultrasound.  They discuss Liam’s visit.  Did you go to the shower Deacon wants to know.  She did something creepy didn’t you Deacon says. Quinn wants to be a part of her family’s life.  Please help me talk to your daughter she begs of Quinn.

Deacon tells Quinn that Hope couldn’t talk.  She’s at Brooke’s house with a guest.  Quinn works out that Hope was with Liam.  Deacon assures Quinn that Hope will call him tonight.  Quinn says she’ll just do really nice things for Hope.  Deacon warns Quinn to stay away from Hope.  Show her that you can respect Hope’s privacy.  Quinn promises to do so.

Justin Files the Restraining Order

Bill gets a call – the restraining order id filed.  Wyatt wishes there was another way.  Wyatt says Quinn just wants to be part of the family.  And Hope wants the opposite Bill says.  Can you blame her?  No Wyatt agrees.

Wyatt just wants to fix this.  A restraining order is so extreme.  He can’t have his wife living in terror.  And that’s not good for a pregnant woman Bills says.  Hope needs to be protected.

Justin gives Wyatt a 30 day restraining order.  It only takes effect once its served.  Wyatt goes to do just that.

Serving the Restraining Order

Liam gets to the office.  Bill asks if it’s a holiday.  Liam tells Bill about the baby shower.  He wants Quinn out of Hope’s life.  Bill tells him that Wyatt is on the way to serve Quinn a restraining order.

Meanwhile Wyatt arrives at Quinn’s loft.  Quinn isn’t there. Wyatt tells Deacon that he’s serving her papers – a restraining order to keep her away from Hope.

Bill gets a call from Wyatt.  Quinn isn’t home.  She stepped out.  Bill instructs Wyatt to wait for her.  Liam learns Quinn is gone and runs out of Bill’s office.

Deacon doesn’t believe that Wyatt took out a restraining order.  Deacons says he talked to Quinn and she was going to respect her privacy.

Liam calls Hope and warns her Quinn may be on the way.

Quinn Goes to see Hope

Hope leaves Brooke’s house to get food for her and baby. She opens the door to find Quinn standing there.  What are you doing here Hope says.  Quinn just wants to talk.  You are not welcome Hope says but Quinn barges in anyway.

Hope asks if Quinn as at the shower.  She is appalled when Quinn admits she was. Quinn thinks she showed restraint.  Hope calls her a threat.  Hope tries to throw Quinn out, but Quinn wants to talk. She heads out to the garden and Hope gets more and more furious.  Hope follows Quinn out the back rather than leaving…

Hope Falls

Get off my property you have to leave.  Hope threatens to call the police or security.

Quinn tells Hope that she isn’t going to bother her anymore.  You came here to tell me that.? A text message or email would have sufficed.  Hope tells Quinn that she hears her.  She can leave now.  Quinn walks back upstairs and leaves.

Relieved that the confrontation is over, Hope sits for a minute and breathes a sigh of relief.  She stands but her high heel catches on the stair and Hope tumbles down the stairs next to the cascade waterfall at Brooke’s house.

From the terrace Quinn hears something.  She looks over the edge to see Hope lying unmoving on the stairs.  Hope!  She cries.



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