Ian McAllister

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Ian McAllister arrived in Salem on February 9, 2011, but he’d been known to Days of our Lives viewers for months and Madison James’ mystery caller.

Ian made his presence in Salem known to Madison first.  He appeared in her hotel room on the evening that Brady Black proposed to Madison.  When Brady arrived later in the evening to get Madison’s answer to his proposal Brady was stunned when Ian introduced himself as Madison’s husband.

Madison was clearly scared of Ian and under his control.  She had recently turned down Victor Kiriakis’ job offer of CEO of Titan, under Ian’s advice.  A couple of weeks later Ian accepted Victor’s offer of the same role. 

Ian also wasted no time in reconnecting with Kate Roberts, his former lover who he clearly still holds a torch for.  A sentiment Kate, though married to Stefano reciprocates.

Ian is rumored to be involved with an ISA investigation.  But is he the target of the investigation or running the investigation?


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