JJ Deveraux (Jack Jr.)

Jack Patrick Devereaux Jr. was born on September 3, 2004 under unusual circumstances. (Or is an unusual birth usual in soap operas?).

Jack Jr. was born on Melaswen, the island where Tony DiMera created “New Salem” and held all those believed killed by the Salem Stalker.

JJ’s. father, Jack Devereaux was amongst the victims, and a pregnant Jennifer went to Melaswen in search of Jack and ended up giving birth on the island.

JJ was named for his father, Jack Devereaux, and Patrick Lockhart, who helped bring JJ into the world.

Jack and Jennifer were reunited back in Salem and shortly after the entire Devereaux family moved to London where Jack and Jennifer took jobs as journalists.

When Jennifer returned to Salem in 2011, Abigail later followed.  JJ remained in London in boarding school.  After Jack’s death in 2012, Jennifer and Abigail visited JJ in London.


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