Brooke Logan

Brooke Logan


Brooke is the oldest of the Logan sisters


Beth Logan

Stephen Logan


Storm Logan

Donna Logan

Katie Logan

Character History:

June 2013

Brooke was about to come clean with Bill and Katie and tell them she was pregnant with Bill’s baby.  Before Brooke could get the words out she began to hyperventilate and she collapsed.  Bill and Katie took her to the hospital where she was determined she still had to tell her sister, and her husband, Bill, the truth.  Dr Caspary told her that wouldn’t be necessary.  Brooke was no longer pregnant.  She’d suffered a missed miscarriage.

Brooke’s Missed Miscarriage

July 2013

Brooke may have thought that her and Bill’s secret had died with their child, but she was wrong.  Taylor sporting a vendetta against Brooke went poking into Brooke’s doctor’s files and learned that Brooke had been pregnant.  Of course she deduced it was with Bill’s child.

Katie hosted a party to honor her sister on her birthday in her home.  Katie invited Eric, Brooke’s former husband and father of two of her children.  Eric brought Taylor as his plus one.  Eric soon realized his mistake when Taylor took that evening to out Brooke’s secret.  Eric got Taylor out of there and Katie cleared her home of all the guests and  demanded the truth from her husband and sister.

Taylor Exposes Brooke’s Secret

November 2013

After a near death experience while climbing in Aspen, Bill took stock of his life and after the flight back to LA he dumped Brooke telling her he was going back to Katie to fix the shambles his life was in (He’d lost the CEO position and joint custody of his son).

Brooke was hurt and angry, since her conscience had told her not to get involved with Bill in the first place.

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When Bill turned up at Brooke’s house a few days later and told Brooke dumping her had been a ruse to get him reinstated as CEO and get joint custody of his son, Brooke is livid.  He shows her the envelope containing the legal papers Katie has signed.  Brooke throws him out.  He lied to her, and he lied to Katie.  Brooke finds his behavior reprehensible.

When Katie arrived she realized that Bill had been lying to her.  Bill left and Brooke and Katie found common ground in their anger with Bill.  Katie lamented that Bill had everything he wanted since she signed the documents, but Brooke told her not exactly.  Brooke had replaced the legal documents with leaves she’d collected in Aspen.

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April 2017 – Brooke and Bill engaged -again

After spying Ridge, the man she was to marry the following day, kissing his father’s wife, on a beach in Australia during Liam and Steffy’s wedding reception, Brooke called off her marriage to Ridge.

She kept to herself for a couple of weeks, then she turned up at Bill Spencer’s office and returned a gift he’d given her – his sword necklace.  She’d gotten lost, but she was back.  Brooke told Bill she loved him and Bill was ready to reconnect with Brooke, who he had never given up on.

Brooke planned a proper reunion for them that night.  A romantic dinner, a gift,  skimpy Bill Spencer themed lingerie and a proposal.  Brooke brought out the engagement ring Bill had given her last year and asked him to put it back on her finger.  Brooke asked Bill to marry her and he willingly put it back on her finger.

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February 2018 – Brooke and Ridge Marry – Again!

Brooke and Ridge brought forward their wedding to set an example for Liam and Steffy who were struggling with infidelity in their marriage.  Ridge and Brooke married in the Forrester Mansion in a ceremony focused on love and forgiveness conquering all.

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