Ridge Forrester

Ridge Forrester


Ridge was thought to be Stephanie and Eric’s first born until it was revealed that Stephanie had simply passed Ridge off as Eric’s son.  She was already pregnant when she married Eric – with another man’s child.


Stephanie Forrester

Eric Forrester – Eric raised Ridge believing Ridge to be his son

Massimo Marone – Ridge’s biological father

Character History:

June 2014 – Ridge Found

When the search for Ridge was called off (June 2014) Brooke left the hotel room where the local search authorities had delivered the news and went for a walk on the beach.  Along the shore line she saw – Ridge!

Brooke brought ridge back to his family.  But ridge hadn’t escaped his fall from the helicopter unscathed.  He was having memory problems.  Back home in Los Angeles and back at work at Forrester Creations as Head Designer Ride realized that he’d lost more than his memory in the fall.  He’d lost his ability to draw.  And he was under pressure to deliver a new collection…

September 2016 – Ridge Opposes His Father’s Marriage to Quinn

Ridge opposed Eric and Quinn’s marriage and rallied the family to stand with him in boycotting Eric’s wedding.  The family, dressed for a wedding, waited it out at Forrester Creations believing that their strong stance would stop Eric marrying Quinn.  It didn’t.

The day after his wedding, Eric Forrester confronted his disloyal family, reminding them all how he has stood behind them in the past.  He understood Ridge was the ringleader and while in a heated argument with Ridge, Eric collapsed.  He was rushed to the hospital, unconscious.

When Eric briefly regained consciousness, it was Quinn that he asked for.

October 2016 – Ridge Steals Eric’s Power of Attorney

Eric’s legal affairs became complicated.  Steffy discovered that Quinn and Eric hadn’t signed the marriage certificate.  Ridge believing he had Eric’s power of attorney, removed Quinn from the Forrester mansion.  Unfortunately for Ridge, Carter found Eric’s singed and notoraized Power of Attorney.  But it wasn’t Ridge’s name on the document it was Quinn’s!

Ridge convinced Carter to keep the secret between him, Steffy and Carter.


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