Thomas Forrester

Thomas Forrester


Thomas is Taylor Hayes and Ridge Forrester’s first born child.  Thomas also has two younger sisters, Phoebe, who died in a car accident, and Steffy.


Taylor Hayes

Ridge Forrester

Character History:

May 2016 – Thomas Learns He Is A Father

In May 2016, Thomas learned from his father, that not only did Ridge know about what happened between Thomas and Caroline in a hotel room during the few hours that Caroline and Ridge were broken up, but there had been consequences to the mistake Thomas had made.  Based on their conversation about family and Caroline giving Ridge everything she had as part of their wedding vows, Thomas deduced that Douglas, was actually his son, not Ridge’s.

 MORE: Thomas Learns He is Douglas’ Father

The second shock came when Thomas learned that Ridge wanted Thomas to deny his child, in the child’s best interests.  With Ridge as the boy’s father Thomas would never have to explain to his son, what he’d done to his mother.  Thomas realized then that Ridge hadn’t been so angry with him over Charlotte the intern or his pursuit of Ivy but over what had happened between Thomas and Caroline.

Father and son argued over what was best for Douglas, and Thomas left the office telling his father what he was asking him to do; deny his son; didn’t feel right.  Thomas now understood why he’d been so drawn to Douglas and when Thomas went looking for Caroline he found Douglas, alone, in his capsule. Pam turned up soon after and Thomas told her he was taking Douglas to Ridge.  But that’s not what he did…

MORE: Thomas Kidnaps His Son

Thomas took Douglas and drove up to the cabin at Big Bear.  When Ridge called him, Thomas ignored the call.  when Caroline called he asked her to meet him at the cabin but she was to come alone.  When Caroline arrived she was relieved to see her son safe.  Caroline and Thomas then had an emotional discussion about the choices she and Ridge had made and by the end of the conversation Caroline had convinced Thomas that is was best for everyone (in terms of avoiding a family scandal and having the stigma of that scandal follow Douglas through his life) if she and Ridge raised Douglas and that Thomas was his very involved big brother. Caroline promised she would never keep Douglas away from him, but still after Caroline and Douglas left Thomas was still reeling from the news he had a son.

Thomas wanted to spend time with his son.  Ridge couldn’t stomach Thomas calling Douglas his son and came up with a plan that would make that impossible.  Ridge, under the guise of grooming Thomas to be the future CEO of Forrester Creations transferred Thomas to the Shanghai office; indefinitely.  Thomas, initially, agreed to go and Caroline watched as he tearfully said goodbye to Douglas.

But as May closed, Thomas came to change his mind…

June 2016 – Thomas in Control

Thomas realized that it was him giving up the most in this situation, that he was actually in control.  He told Ridge in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t going to Shanghai and that Ridge was going to respect what he had to say.

Thomas, Caroline and Ridge presented a united front when Bill Spencer found out about Douglas paternity (thanks to his wife Katie).  Bill agreed to keep quiet only if Ridge treated Brooke’s son Rick with respect at work and stopped him from leaving town with Maya and their new baby.

But by the end of June, Thomas decided that pretending to be Douglas’ brother but feeling like the boy’s father was just too hard.  He wanted the truth to come out.  This time Caroline agreed with Thomas and told Ridge that she too thought that they had to be honest about Douglas’ paternity since so many people already knew.

Ridge handed Douglas to Thomas and said goodbye to the baby he has called “son” since his birth.

October 2016 – Caroline Wants to be a Family

Caroline returned from an extended visit in New York with her mother’s.  She told Thomas that she wasn’t ready to be with him before, but she is now.  She wants them to be together, but she needs to hear him say it.

January 2017 – Thomas Meets Sally Spectra

While at Il Gordino chatting over a beer with Zende, Thomas bemoaned the fact that while he was in New York trying to sort out his personal life, Steffy was back in LA getting herself appointed CEO.  He was resentful that he, despite being Ridge’s eldest son, was passed over for the postion.

While they were chatting a flamboyant red head arrived and seated herself at the bar.  When Zende left she asked Thomas why he was so glum.  “Cheer up Bucko.  You’re way to handsone to wearing a sour puss like that.” she told him.  Thomas left without learning more than her first name; Sally.

February 2017

Thomas and Sally ran into each other, literally, at Il Gordino again. Her handbag and its contents spilled over the ground.  Thomas helped her pick up her things while they reintroduced themselves; First names only.  he then noticed from her drivers licence in her wallet that her last name was Spectra.  “You got a problem with that?” the feisty redhead asked.Thomas and Sally First Kiss

Clearly, Thomas didn’t.  By mid-month, Thomas had rendered the chatty redhead speechless by kissing her.  That Sally had quickly established a rivalry with his sister, Steffy, didn’t hurt either.



August 2017

As part of his plan to bring down Spectra Fashions so that CJ will sell him the land beneath the delapidated building, Bill tells Thomas that Caroline and his son need him in New York.  Caroline is dying from some rare auto-immune disease Bill lies.  Thomas flies from the fashion showdown in Monacco directly to New York, leaving Sally alone to keep Spectra afloat.


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