Eugene Bradford

Eugene Bradford first appeared as part of the Salem Strangler story line in 1981(2).  He was a patient of Marlena Evans’ who thinking he’d killed his wife, confessed to being the Salem Strangler.  Eugene was cleared and later through therapy it was revealed that his wife, Bonita Jean had been a victim of the Salem Strangler also.

Eugene was also psychic and he used his powers to aid the Salem PD (at the time Roman Brady and Abe Carver) in solving crimes.  His second wife, Trista Evans, also died at the hands of a serial killer – the Salem Slasher.  Eugene was also briefly a suspect in those killings.

Eugene would also marry Marlena Evans, after Roman Brady’s “death” and Madeline Rutherford a dowdy heiress to regain the Bradford family fortune, before once again finding true love with kooky designer Calliope Jones.

Eugene left Salem in 1989, in one of his many inventions, a time machine that had already taken him to the future once.  Calliope mentioned that she and “Euge” were still happily married when she returned to Salem briefly in 2006 to design a wedding gown.


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