Nicholas Alamain

Nicholas Alamain first appeared in Salem in 1992 with his adopted mother Vivian Alamain, whom he called Auntie Viv.  quickly became fond of his “cousin” Lawrence who he met for the first time while in Salem. 

Nicholas became friends with Shawn Douglas Brady who was around the same age
When Nicholas overheard a heated confrontation between his Aunt Vivian and Lisanne Gardner (Lawrence’s attorney was attempting to blackmail Vivian as she’d learned Nicholas’ true paternity) he came to his Aunt’s protection and pushed Lisanne.  Lisanne stumbled and fell hitting her head on a statue of a cat made of stone.  Vivian and Ivan covered up the death by staging a fiery auto accident for Lisanne’s body.  Eventually Nikki confessed to pushing Lisanne and the truth came out.  Nicholas was not prosecuted as the death was accidental.
In 1993, Nikki learned that cousin Lawrence was actually his father, and that Carly Manning, Shawn D’s soon to be step-mother was actually Nikki’s biological mother. Nicholas accepted Lawrence as his father, but wanted nothing to do with Carly.  (Vivian, who had helped Carly keep her pregnancy from Lawrence, told Carly that her child had died shortly after child birth.  Vivian then raised the boy as her adopted son).
Nicholas eventually came round and decided that he wanted his parents (Lawrence and Carly) together, and set about breaking up Bo and Carly.  When Carly died (Vivian buried her alive) Nicholas was heartbroken. Hi sorrow turned to joy however, when Carly was rescued from her coffin.  Nicholas then received his fondest wish.  In 1993, Lawrence, Carly and Nicholas left Salem to be a family in Lawrence’s country.
Nicholas returned to Salem in 1999—all grown up.  He took a job at Titan Publishing where he worked with Kate Roberts – Victor Kiriakis’ wife. Nicholas pursued Kate.  Though Kate still loved Victor, he was impotent after a stroke, and eventually Kate succumbed to the hot bodded and blooded young man and had an affair with Nicholas.
Nicholas fell for an older and more sophisticated Kate, but when she consistently refused to leave Victor to be with him, Nicholas left Salem.
In April 2011, Nicholas’s voice was heard in separate phone conversations with Vivian and Carly.  Vivian wished her nephew a happy birthday and enjoyed a pleasant and amicable conversation with Nicholas.  When Carly spoke with Nicholas moments later, he was cold and distant telling his mother that she was as dead to him as his father.  (Carly had killed Lawrence).
Nicholas is slated to return to Salem mid 2011 to help his mother overcome drug addiction and to repair their estranged relationship.  He will also meet his adopted brother, Quinn (looking at Vivian as Nicholas’ adopted mother) or his second cousin (with Lawrence as Nicholas’ father).


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