Ivy Forrester

First Airdate:

July 10, 2014


John Forrester (Eric Forrester’s brother)

Claire Forrester


Jessica Forrester (half-sister)

Character History:

Ivy Arrives in LA

Ivy Forrester was introduced as Eric Forrester’s Australian born and raised niece who came to work in the family fashion business after having built a successful jewelry design business down under.  She is the daughter of Eric’s older brother, John, and his second wife, Claire.  Ivy has an older half-sister, Jessica, from her father’s first marriage to Maggie Forrester.

Ivy slipped neatly into the Forrester Creations design team replacing Quinn Fuller who had recently been fired. Ivy formed a friendship with Liam Spencer, who at the time was seeing Hope Logan.

Ivy and Liam Become Friends

Hope and Liam’s relationship hit stormy waters when Hope was railroaded into publicly accepting an extravagant gift from Wyatt Fuller – the Hope for the Future Diamond that Wyatt had recently inherited.

To capture the buzz from the gift, Wyatt wanted to create a publicity shoot in Paris highlighting Hope, the diamond and the Eiffel Tower.  Before jetting off to Paris, Hope asked Liam to meet her in Paris at the base of the Eiffel Tower after the shoot and they would start their life together in Paris.

Ivy convinced Liam he should go to Paris, and with her work papers now through, Ivy accompanied him for moral support. Running late thanks to traffic Ivy and Liam ran through he streets of Paris to get Liam to his 3pm rendezvous with Hope on time.  As they crossed a bridge, Liam could see Hope.  Ivy told him to go get his girl and stayed on the bridge to take a photo of Hope and Liam’s meeting.  Ivy sat on the stone ledge of the bridge.

Ivy Falls Into the Seine

Liam headed off, but Ivy screaming drew his attention.  Ivy had fallen into the Seine!  Liam checked Ivy was okay.  She told him to go.  But when Ivy showed signs of distress he jumped into the Seine rescuing Ivy.

The rescue cost Liam’s his meeting with Hope.  By the time he got there, Hope was gone. Ivy felt bad for Liam missing his meeting with Hope because of her.  Liam, however, did not blame Ivy.

Hope waits for Liam in Paris August 2014

Meet Me In Paris 

Thanks to Ivy falling into the Seine, Liam missed his meeting with Hope in Paris.  Despite what saving Ivy cost him, Liam didn’t blame Ivy….

Ivy’s friendship with Liam developed.  She supported Liam through his heartbreak over losing Hope to his brother.  But when Liam and Ivy learned that Ivy falling into the Seine wasn’t an accident, but orchestrated by Quinn Fuller, Liam thought he and Hope once again had a chance.  And they would have.  Except, but that time Hope was pregnant with Wyatt’s child.

Liam had to face a future without Hope and he turned to Ivy.  Thanks to a visit from Ivy’s dad who wanted to know what Liam’s intentions were towards his daughter, Liam realized that Ivy was a wonderful woman and they made the first fledgling moves into a relationship.

By the time Liam went to Amsterdam with Ivy, Hope and Wyatt, to launch Ivy’s jewelry line, Liam and Ivy’s relationship had blossomed.  Wyatt encouraged their relationship to keep Liam away from Hope who was clearly jealous of Liam and Ivy’s relationship.  Wyatt went so far as to organize a romantic canal boat trip for Liam and Ivy.  The duo enjoyed each other’s company.  By the end of the evening Ivy and Liam had declared their love.

Ivy and Liam decalre Love

 Ivy and Liam Declare Their Love

On a romantic boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam orgainized by Liam’s brother, Wyatt, Ivy told Liam she loved him….

When Hope lost her baby and left Los Angeles and her marriage to Wyatt behind her, Liam committed to his relationship with Ivy.  Ivy and Liam made love for the first time after Hope departed Los Angeles but before Steffy returned.

Liam and Ivy January 2014

 Liam and Ivy Make Love

Ivy and Liam’s relationship was more plot device than super couple…Liam and Ivy made love after Hope left the canvas and before Steffy returned…

Ivy and Liam’s relationship faced its first real test when Liam made contact with Steffy to help him take over control of Forrester Creations to oust Rick Forrester as CEO.  Liam was trying to protect Ivy and Caroline from an untenable work situation.

Steffy agreed to help Liam.  On one condition.  If she came back to LA.  She wanted her entire life there back.  She wanted him.  Liam told Steffy he was with Ivy now, and the takeover fell apart.

Later, the takeover would go ahead, without Steffy’s conditions.  The takeover a success, Steffy kissed Liam (Aly witnessed and told Ivy) and Liam began to struggle with his feelings for his ex-wife.  He loved Ivy, but he loved Steffy also and they shared such a complex history together.

Liam was just about to end his relationship with Ivy and go back to Steffy when Ivy was faced with deportation.  Ivy begged Liam to marry her to keep her in the US.  Liam agreed.  They were married on the very night Steffy thought Liam was ending his relationship with Ivy.  When Steffy learned that Liam had played hero to Ivy, again, she told him she wasn’t waiting for him.  They were done.

Ivy and Liam's wedding

 Liam and Ivy Marry

Liam and Ivy’s marriage was a marriage of convenience that conveniently didn’t last long…

It wasn’t long before Ivy and Liam’s marriage was annulled thanks to immigration realizing they’d made a mistake about Ivy’s citizenship status.  Losing Steffy, make Liam realize it was Steffy he wanted to be with.  Which didn’t work out so well for Ivy who was dumped by Liam on the day the Forrester’s buried Aly Forrester.

But Ivy wasn’t alone for long.  Wyatt stepped in to support Ivy and the duo fast forwarded into a relationship of their own. Wyatt supported Ivy through her heartbreak over losing Liam and her cousin.

Ivy blackmail Steffy

Ivy Blackmails Steffy For Aly’s Murder

With damning video footage that makes Aly’s death look like Steffy killed her; Ivy uses it to her advantage.

When Ivy showed Wyatt the video footage she had of the night Aly died, he agreed it looked like Aly’s death hadn’t been an accident, but that Steffy had murdered her cousin.  With Wyatt’s support, Ivy used the footage as blackmail to promote her career. Eventually Steffy convinced Wyatt to help her delete the video footage that Ivy was holding over Steffy’s head.  Ivy ended up deleting it herself.  Steffy proceeded to fire Ivy.  She couldn’t work with someone she didn’t trust.

Steffy Fires Ivy

 Steffy Fires Ivy

After convincing Wyatt to help  her get rid of the damning video, Steffy fired Ivy!  Steffy claimed Ivy couldn’t be trusted.

Ivy did eventually return to Forrester Creations, but her relationship with Steffy was adversarial at best.  When Thomas developed an infatuation with Ivy, he tried to seduce her away from Wyatt.  Ivy had a hard time resisting Steffy’s brother and they share more than a couple of kisses.  When Steffy learned that Ivy had been cheating on Wyatt, Steffy told Wyatt, despite Liam asking her to let Ivy tell Wyatt herself.

Ivy confronted Steffy at Forrester Creations where Steffy was occupied trying to get an electrical panel fixed.  The ladies argued and in a struggle for Steffy’s phone Ivy was thrown into the malfunctioning panel and was electrocuted.

Steffy Ivy Electrocuted

 Ivy Scared For Her Life

Still not convinced that Steffy didn’t murder Aly, Ivy becomes scared for her own life when she is electrocuted at Steffy’s hands

Ivy recovered but still believing Steffy was responsible for Aly’s death Ivy was now scared for her own life where Steffy was concerned. Ivy took out a restraining order against her.  Liam again encouraged Steffy to stay away from Ivy.  But Steffy didn’t and went to talk to Ivy about it at her home, Ivy fell and was knocked unconscious. It inflamed the issue with Liam angry with Steffy for her aggressive behavior and Ivy even more scared of Steffy.

Ivy and Wyatt’s relationship survived the Thomas infatuation, thanks to Wyatt nearly losing Ivy when she was electrocuted.  Wyatt was going to propose. But Ivy’s near death experiences had her come to some realizations of her own.  She was still in love with Liam.  Ivy told Liam she would have a wonderful life with Wyatt; if Liam didn’t want her.  Unfortunately for Ivy, Quinn overheard.

As Wyatt was about to propose to Ivy, Quinn interrupted and told her son that Ivy didn’t deserve him. Wyatt was horrified that he was once again playing second fiddle to his brother for his girlfriend’s affections. This time, Ivy and Wyatt’s relationship was over.

At the end of December 2015, Ivy decided it was time for her to leave LA.  She loved Liam too much to watch him with Steffy. Ivy went home t pack.  Liam told Steffy to stay away and let Ivy just leave, but Steffy couldn’t do that.  She went to the Forrester Mansion to make sure Ivy was really leaving.  The ladies argued at the top of the stairs where Ivy had staged her luggage.  In her hurry to get down the stairs and away from Steffy who Ivy still didn’t trust near her, Ivy fell down the stairs.

Liam entered to find Ivy lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.  Liam went with Ivy in the ambulance to the hospital, but not before he gave Steffy a piece of his mind.  As he left for the hospital, Liam told Steffy he was done with her dangerous and reckless behavior.

Getting the all clear at the hospital Ivy decided she still wanted to make her flight to Australia that night.  Liam took her to the airport and to see her onto the plane bought a ticket of his own.  Ivy was surprised after takeoff when Liam cam stumbling from the restrooms and took his seat next to her.  He’d passed out in the lavatory and was now on his way to Australia with Ivy.

Ivy stayed in Australia.  Liam headed immediately back to LA to repair his relationship with Steffy.  But that never happened.  Liam went missing first.  When Ivy came through LA in March 2016 on a trip with her father, she told Steffy that Liam had not stayed in Australia with her.

Ivy is due to return to Los Angeles on August 31, 2016.


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