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Alexandria (Aly) was born onscreen on 1 January 2004, but that date was later changed to 1 January, 2000.  Her birth month may also have been mentioned as July in the past.


On Thursday July 23, 2015 (air date) Aly died in a tragic twist of her plan to kill Steffy on the same stretch of road that claimed Aly’s mother’s life.  She died after Steffy, in self defense, swung a tire iron at Aly who was about to use a rock to attack Steffy.  Whether Steffy hit Aly and she fell, or Aly simply tripped and hit her head on a rock is unclear.

Steffy however threw the tire iron into the bushes and failed to mention it when the police/paramedics arrived.  Aly was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Earlier that very day, when Steffy offered Aly some champagne to celebrate the success of the California Freedom fashion show, Aly noted that she wasn’t allowed to drink.  She wasn’t yet 21.


Thorne Forrester

Darla Einstein

Character History:

The Early Years

Alexandria was born onscreen on 1 January 2004, but that date was later changed to 1 January, 2000. Presumably that will be updated again as the character is being recast as of August 2013 and will be aged in her late teens.

Alexandria is the daughter of Thorne Forrester and Darla Einstein.

As the result of a misunderstanding with ex-wife, Macy Alexander, Thorne got drunk and slept with Macy’s best friend Darla. Thorne was so inebriated that he actually thought he was sleeping with Macy!  Darla, of course, ended up pregnant.

Darla was going to get an abortion because the event had ruined her friendship with Macy, but Thorne convinced Darla not to go through with it.  Thorne and Macy were to raise Darla’s child as their own.  This however never occurred.  First Macy became involved with Deacon Sharpe and ultimately Macy died before Darla’s baby was born.

Thorne spent most of his time after Macy left him with Darla helping her through her pregnancy.  When Darla gave birth to a baby girl she named the baby in honor of her friend – Alexandria (Macy’s last name is Alexander).  Thorne and Darla decided to raise their child together.

Darla too met an early death at the hands of drunk driver, Taylor Hayes Forrester.  Darla was helping Phoebe change a tire on the side of a foggy road at night.  Darla fell into the path of an oncoming car (Taylor was on her way to help Phoebe and shouldn’t have been driving because she was drunk).

Alexandria took her mother’s death hard, but was comforted by Taylor.  Taylor and Thorne became a couple and Taylor became a kind of surrogate mother for Alexandria.

Alexandria learned from Hope Logan (at a play date) that it had been Taylor driving the car that had killed Darla.

History almost repeated itself when Alexandria ran away.  Taylor went looking for the little girl almost hitting her on the same foggy highway where Taylor had hit and killed Darla.

By this time Taylor and Thorne planned to marry.  Alexandria couldn’t understand how Thorne could marry the woman who responsible for her mother’s death.  Alexandria took out he anger on Taylor by scratching her eyes out of photos and shredding Taylor’s wedding dress.

Ultimately Taylor realized that the little girl would never accept her as her step-mother and she and Thorne called it quits, ending plans to marry.  Thorne raised Alexandria as a single father – mostly off-screen.

The Adult Years

All and Hope are thrilled with Eric's idea that Aly shadow Hope to see how she does things.
All and Hope are thrilled with Eric’s idea that Aly shadow Hope to see how she does things.

Ali returned to Los Angeles in November 2013 to take up a legal internship but after attending the interview decided a career in the law wasn’t for her.  Grandfather Eric Forrester offered her an internship at Forrester Creations instead when Ali admitted to wanting to follow her passion for shoes.  One day she would even like to have a Forrester shoe line.  Eric decided that Aly should shadow Hope who Ali hero worshipped.  Both girls were glad of the arrangement.

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Rick during his tenure as CEO treated everyone badly.  But Aly wore the brunt of it at both work and home.  The young Forrester was keen to one day have her own shoe line and Rick used that as bait to keep Aly onside.

Rick turned Aly into little more than a servant in her own home by dangling the promise to review her shoe designs.  Rick had Aly fetch and carry for him and Maya going so far as to have Aly massage Maya’s feet after trying on a prototype shoe from her line.

Aly took that and Rick moving her out of her bedroom into a smaller one when Maya’s sister, Nicole moved in.

Aly, like everyone else at Forrester Creations was glad when Rick’s reign of tyranny ended with his ousting as CEO.  Ridge took over as CEO, Steffy became President and Liam became Vice President, which was fitting since the three had pooled their shares (Liam had control over Bill’s 12.5%) to remove Rick.

Aly thought things would be better, but she was soon disappointed.  Steffy brought back to Forrester a focus on sexy fashion.  That Steffy also began pursuing Liam despite him dating Aly’s cousin and friend, Ivy, didn’t help the young girls emotional state.

By July 4th, Aly was again seeing and talking to Darla.  But this time Darla’s presence was dark in nature.  Aly was disgusted by  Steffy, her very sexual approach to life, her overt pursuit of Liam.  Aly also didn’t approve of the message attached to Forrester’s Creations new line – California Freedom – which branded the line with a message of tolerance and acceptance thanks to Maya’s exposure as transgender putting Forrester in the limelight thanks to Bill Spencer.

Aly mourned the loss of the values of the Hope for the Future Line and saw Steffy as the villain.  Darla began telling her daughter to take care of Steffy.  To do to her, what Steffy’s mother, Taylor had done to her.  By the evening of the California Freedom launch Aly, put her plan to right the Forrester families path into action.  She stabbed Steffy’s tire with a nail then followed her as she drove home.  When Steffy got out of the car to change her tire, Aly put her foot down on the gas pedal of her own car and aimed it at Steffy in a reenactment of Darla’s death at the hands of Taylor years earlier.

Meanwhile back at the Forrester mansion, Ivy, checking on Aly who had been spending a lot of time in her room, found the collage of mutilated Steffy photos in Aly’s closet.  Wyatt, Ivy and Liam were immediately worried for Aly, but Liam particularly was also worried for Steffy….Ivy knew Aly liked to park along the stretch of highway where her mother was killed and headed there.

Aly stopped short of hitting Steffy with her car, but after what looked like could be a break in her mental state, Aly picked up a tire iron and again threatened Steffy…Steffy wrestled the tire iron from Aly and it landed on the ground.  Aly recovered from the tussle first.  She stood up grabbed a rock and raised it over her head.  Aly was going to rid the Forrester family of Steffy.  Steffy cowered in fear on the ground then with one hand reached back and grabbed the tire iron.

She swung at Aly.  Whether she hit Aly  or not is unclear, but either way, Aly stumbled (or fell) and hit her head on a rock. A panicked Steffy threw the tire iron into the bushes. Ivy arrived in her car in time to witness and record the event from her vehicle.  She rushed to Aly’s side asking Steffy what happened. Steffy recounted the story leaving out that she had taken a swing at Aly.  She omitted that part of her story also to the police when they arrived on the scene.  Paramedics pronounced Aly dead.  Steffy and Ivy broke down.



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