John Forrester

John Forrester is the younger brother of Forrester family patriarch, Eric Forrester.

He has never been seen on screen but his family members have appeared in Los Angeles and played pivotal roles in the story telling.  From 1994 – 1996, John Forrester’s daughter with Jessica Forrester lived in Los Angeles following her parents’ divorce.

Maggie followed her daughter to Los Angeles and was pivotal to storylines from 1994 to 1998.

More recently, John Forrester’s daughter, Ivy Forrester came to Los Angeles from Australia.  Ivy took over as lead Jewelry designer for the HFTF line after Quinn Fuller was fired.  Ivy has spoken of her mother but never by name.  Ivy’s mother , Claire, remains in Australia as John travels the world, but he doesn’t like to be gone from her for too long.

October 2014

John Forrester is set to make his first appearance in Los Angeles in October 2014 to visit his daughter Ivy and reconnect with his brother.

John arrived in Los Angeles on a surprise visit.  A joker with the gift of the gab he told tall tales and flirted shamelessly with Pam but thought it was she that was flirting with him, much to Eric’s amusement.  John made reference to his wife, Ivy’s mother, Claire.  Claire was in Australia keeping the home fires burning.  John wasn’t going to be in Los Angeles for long because he didn’t want to be away from Claire for too long.

January 2015

Though unseen on screen, John Forrester organized a lecture tour to the Design Schools of Europe for hsi brother, Eric.  Of course, there would be time for plenty of brotherly adventures also.  This took Eric out of Los Angeles just after Rick tricked Eric into signing over control of Forrester Creations.


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