Alice Grayson Horton

Born:     January 23, 1911, Salem
Died:     June 23, 2010, Salem
Alice Grayson was born in Salem on January 23, 1911, to Sid and Abigail Grayson.  She and Tom Horton were high school sweethearts who married on March 7, 1930 and had five children:
·         Tommy and Addie (fraternal twins) born in 1931
·         Mickey born in 1932
·         Bill born in 1940, and
·         Marie born in 1942
When Days of our Lives first aired on November 8, 1965 Tom and Alice and their five adult children were the focus of the soap operas storylines.  Tom and Alice’s marriage was a happy one and the drama in their lives was provided by their adult brood.

In 1965, Tommy Horton was missing in Korea and believed dead, Addie was married to Ben Olsen, Mickey was an up and coming lawyer in Salem and Marie was planning a thanksgiving wedding to Tony Merritt, which would see the last of Alice’s children leave home.
In fact Alice was concerned about filling her time now that the children had left the coop.  Little did she know how busy she would be over the following 45 years supporting both her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.    Though Alice didn’t suffer the same level of relationship woes as most Salem residents, her life was anything but dull…
Alice’s son Tommy returned to Salem as an amnesiac Dr Mark Brooks in 1967.  Marie fell for Dr Brooks so when it was revealed that Mark Brooks was actually MIA Tommy Horton, Alice rejoiced at the return of her son, and commiserated with Marie on the loss of a relationship.  (Marie, of course, became a nun as a result of the experience).
Alice’s other two boys, Mickey and Bill, kept occupied until the mid 70’s, competing for the affections of psychiatrist Laura Spencer.  Mickey married Laura when Bill left town.  The thought that Laura would one day return to Bill was a constant source of stress in Mickey’s life and after a heart attack and stroke; Mickey disappeared from Salem, suffering from amnesia.
Alice again suffered the loss of a child when Addie died in 1974.  After surviving leukemia, and delivering her miracle baby, Hope, she was hit by a truck but managed to push Hope (in her pram) to safety.
 In 1979 Alice was misdiagnosed with cancer, and Tom suffered a heart attack later that same year which would keep him in hospital for an extended period.
For some years, Mickey was the only one of Alice’s children to reside in Salem, but by the time Tom and Alice celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in March on 1980, the remaining children were back in Salem, at least temporarily (Tommy).
The Horton’s celebrated their marital milestone at Doug’s Place on the Lake, and Doug led the Horton clan in a sing-along of Tom and Alice’s song ‘Always’.  Present at the celebration were Margo and Mike, Bill and Laura, a young Hope, Tommy (it was his last visit back to Salem), Sister Marie, Trish and David, Mickey and Maggie, Julie and Tom and Alice.
In 1988, it looked like Tom and Alice’s marriage wasn’t as solid as Alice had thought.  When Tom started spending evenings away from home, she suspected him of having an affair.  Tom, however, was reading poetry he’d written for Alice at Calliope Jones’ Beat Bar under the name Norm de Plume.
In 1991, Alice learned that her marriage to Tom was invalid, and was even more upset to learn that Tom had known about it, and didn’t seem be worried by it.  Alice, however, wanted a legal wedding and left the Horton home until Tom agreed to marry her—again.  Tom and Alice remarried on October 17 1991.
Alice Horton had a clear view of “right” and “wrong”.  Her strong moral code, did not always leave her on the right side of the law, though.
When rebel Bo Brady arrived in town, Mrs. H was one of the few Horton’s to support his budding relationship with Hope (Doug didn’t think Bo suitable for his princess).  Alice even helped Bo kidnap Hope from her wedding to Larry Welsh (1984). 
She also helped Bo bust Roman out of prison, in 1983, when he’d been arrested as the Salem Slasher (he was innocent) by poisoning some of her famous donuts.  For her efforts, Abe Carver reluctantly arrested Mrs. Horton!
Tragedy hit Alice’s life again when her husband of 64 years (if you count their first marriage) Tom died in his sleep after a business trip on June 20, 1994, just as it is discovered that Gina was his granddaughter Hope.
Alice had a few near brushes with death over her years in Salem.  She was misdiagnosed with cancer in the 1979, by a doctor who was too quick to diagnose cancer after losing his own wife to the insidious disease.  The experience had Alice question her normally unshakeable faith.
In 1984 Alice was nearly killed by one of Eugene Bradford’s inventions – a medicine dispensing robot at the hospital. 
And her good friend Marlena Evans choked Alice on one of her signature donuts in 2004 as part of the Salem Stalker storyline.  Alice like the other victims were found alive and well in Melaswen.
Alice’s appearances became more infrequent during the latter half of the 2000’s, appearing at family celebrations (4th July) and at the Horton families traditional ornament hanging party.  Alice was last seen on December 26, 2007 at such a Horton event. 
When Mickey died in January of 2010, Alice, as told through her family members, was never quite the same.  Alice died on June 23, 2010. Many Horton friends and family returned to Salem to farewell the much loved Horton family matriarch.


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