Nicole Avant

Nicole Avant

First Air Date:

Friday January 16, 2015


Julius Avant (father)

Vivienne Avant (mother)


Maya Avant (sister)

Sasha Thompson (half sister)

Character History:

Nicole Arrives in Los Angeles

Nicole Avant arrived at Forrester Creations and walked into the office where Ivy was discussing Caroline’s relationship with Ridge.

Ivy noted that Pam mustn’t be at her desk for Nicole to have made it this far into the office.  Nicole asked to see Maya Avant.  Ivy asked if she had an appointment.  Nicole stated that she didn’t need one.  She was Maya’s little sister!

Nicole’s arrive was foreshadowed by Maya telling Rick just days earlier that she wished her family, who believed Maya would never amount to anything, could see how well she’d done for herself.  Maya also promised Rick that she would never embarrass him – likely setting the scene for precisely that to happen.  Maybe at the hands of Nicole?

Nicole and Maya reunited when Nicole turned up at the Forrester mansion where Rick and Maya had just moved in.  Nicole was in LA studying at UCLA – computer science.  Nicole admitted to hacking a system to get Maya $100 before she went to prison.  Maya was genuinely glad to see her sister but there was also tension between them.

Maya and Nicole had a somewhat tense reunion.  The sisters because of their age difference didn’t really know how to be sisters.  Nicole told Maya she’d transferred to UCLA into the computer science program.  She also turned up at the Forrester mansion and told both Rick and Maya that she was having room mate problems and either sleeping in the library or on the couch in a friends dorm room.

Nicole Moves Into the Mansion

Rick wanted the sisters to get close, so he invited Nicole to move into he Forrester mansion.  Rick even ousted Aly from her room to do it.  Maya was very clear that she didn’t want Nicole living there and tried to help her find a new apartment.

But Nicole it seemed, like her older sister, had an agenda.  Nicole told her sister that she wasn’t going anywhere, and that if Maya didn’t want the nice life she’d built herself here to come crashing down around her ears, Maya would stop trying to get rid of her.  Otherwise, Nicole would tell Rick her secret.

Tired of her sister threatening and blackmailing her Maya finally told her sister to spill what this great secret was or get out of her house.  A teary Nicole wished Maya would tell Nicole herself, but finally Nicole told Maya what she knew.

March 2015 – Maya is Nicole’s Brother, Myron

Maya wasn’t her sister.  She wasn’t even Maya.  She was Myron, You’re my brother, Nicole told a stunned Maya. (March 18, 2015)  Nicole used what she knew about Maya to get herself a piece of the Forrester lifestyle.  Nicole wanted to be a Forrester model also.  But Nicole didn’t have the same flair for modelling as Maya.

May 2015 – Nicole Gives Birth

Nicole went into labor while at work at Forrester Creations.  Maya and Rick took Nicole to the hospital.  Nicole almost asked Zende to come with her, but backed out remembering he was with Sasha now.  But Zende couldn’t stay away.  He came to the hospital and dressed in scrubs wasn’t noticed hovering in the corner of the delivery room as Nicole gave birth to Rick and Maya’s daughter.

MORE:  Nicole Gives Birth to Rick and Maya’s Baby Girl

The experience changed Zende.  he now understood how special what Nicole had done for Rick and Maya was.  He felt like a selfish fool and asked Nicole to forgive him.  He would do anything to have her back.  Nicole told him that he was here now, counted in her eyes.  Nicole later told her father that she felt positive about her future with Zende.

But Zende had something to take care of first.  Sasha.  With Nicole’s pregnancy now over, it should have been plain sailing for Nicole and Zende, but there was another baby bump to get in their way.  When Zende went home to dump Sasha she announced that she was now pregnant – with his child. And Zende now had to break that news to Nicole.

October 2016 – Surrogate 2.0

Rick and Maya asked Nicole for another favor.  They wanted to give Lizzie a sibling and asked Nicole if she would consider being a surrogate for them again.  Zende, who had reunited with Nicole after Lizzie’s birth thought it an incredibly selfish and unreasonable request.  Nicole agreed she wouldn’t do it, but when thinking about Lizzie growing up wihtout the closeness that she and Maya share as siblings, Nicole changed her mind and agreed to do it.  Zende was not happy.  He got drunk at the Forrester Creations Halloween Party and ended up on the Forrester jet jeaded to Hawaii; with Sasha, Nicole’s other sister.

Nicole was disappointed in Zende being unable to support her in what she needed to do and got as far as attending the doctors office to be inseminated before changing her mind.  She called Zende to tell him the news and learned he was in Hawaii with her sister.  Nicole decided she had no future with a man who threw a temper tantrum and flew off to hawaii with her sister every time they had a disagreement.

Later, Nicole had second thoughts and went to see Zende to make things right.  Unfortunately, Nicole found Zende in bed with her sister…

February 2017 – Engaged and Married

Zende ProposesZende realized pretty quickly he’d made a mistake and set about trying to make things right. but a betrayed Nicole kept turning down Zende’s marriage proposals.  Until, he orchestrated a romantic proposal under the guise of a period costume photo shoot.  Maya helped Zende plan the set-up and even advised her younger sister not to get in the way of her own happiness if she loved Zende.  Nicole finally accepted Zende’s proposal.


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