Dr Tom Horton

Born:     1910, Salem
Died:     June 20, 1994, Salem
Tom Horton was born in 1910, the son a doctor.  He married his high school sweetheart Alice Grayson on March 7, 1930 and together they had five children;
·         Tommy and Addie (fraternal twins) born in 1931
·         Mickey born in 1932
·         Bill born in 1940, and
·         Marie born in 1942
Tom was not always a medico.  He was also a minor league baseball player and served in the military prior to becoming a hometown doctor, like his father had been before him. 
Tom, like Alice did not drive major Days of our Lives storylines, but was the catalyst for some major plot twists and turns over the years.  Tom’s profession as a doctor and holding a position on staff at the hospital also placed his squarely in the midst of any medical related events.  Probably the most notable was Tom’s involvement in keeping Mike’s paternity secret for many years.
In 1968 Tom learned that his son, Mickey was sterile.  When Mickey’s wife, Laura fell pregnant, Tom knew Mickey couldn’t be the father.  When Tom learned the truth that Bill had raped Laura, Tom and Laura decided it was a secret best kept.
Tom became the Chief of Staff at Salem University Hospital in 1978, and suffered a heart attack that left him in hospital for many months in 1979 (after Alice’s cancer scare).
In 1988, Tom explored his passion for writing and reciting poetry at Calliope Jones’s Beat Bar.  He did so in secret wearing a disguise and under the pen name of Norm de Plume.  Tom also lied to Alice about his whereabouts which made Alice believe Tom was having an affair. 
Tom Horton died peacefully at home on June 20, 1994.  Alice returned home with Mickey and Maggie, excited by the news that Hope may be alive, went to check on Tom, who had been gone on a business trip.  She found him resting on their bed.  At first she thought him resting, but the peaceful expression on his face told Tom’s wife of 64 years that he was gone.  Alice went downstairs, sat in Tom’s chair by the fireplace and broke the news to Mickey and Maggie.  Mickey went upstairs, but come down moments later confirming what Alice already knew.  Tom Horton was dead.


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