Caroline Brady

Caroline Brady is the matriarch of the Brady family.  She married Shawn Brady in 1948, and they remained married until his death in February, 2008 in a plane accident.  Shawn and Caroline raised 4 children, Roman, Bo, Kimberly and Kayla, but Bo’s biological father is actually Victor Kiriakis, the product of an affair Caroline had with Victor, while married to Shawn.  Caroline also thought of John Black as a son, since they believed him to be Roman for many years.
Caroline and Shawn were happily married until his death in 2008 in a plane accident, the result of sabotage.  There was one notable exception to Shawn and Caroline’s long wedded happiness however. 
When old flame Victor Kiriakis came to town, an affair Caroline had had with Victor in the past was also revealed as was the fact that he had fathered one of Caroline’s children.  This caused despair for two of Caroline’s children—Kimberly and Bo.
Caroline confessed to murdering Marina Toscano to save Kayla from going to prison, but Caroline was cleared and Kayla went to prison anyway. 
Caroline suffered a heart attack in 1994, after learning that Sami was pregnant with Austin’s child, and that Belle was not Roman’s daughter but John Black’s. During her stay in hospital Vivian almost succeeded in killing Caroline as part of a plot to discredit Carly Manning as a physician.
In 2003 Caroline Brady “died” in church when poisoned by the Salem Stalker.  Like many other murdered Salem citizens though she turned up alive and well in 2004, held captive on Melaswen, and island created by Tony (actually Andre) to appear exactly like Salem.
After Shawn’s death in 2008, Caroline continued to run the Brady Pub, assisted by adopted son, Max Brady, now a famous race car driver who had returned to Salem.  Caroline was later charged with the death of Max’s biological father, Trent Robbins’, death.  She was acquitted released however when Nick Fallon turned out to be the murderer.
In 2010, Caroline switched paternity test result for Chloe Lane’s baby in a convoluted plot to keep Stephanie and her then boyfriend, Nathan Horton together.  She admitted what she’d done at Parker’s christening.
Victor made a bid for Caroline’s affections, after Shawn’s death, but Caroline again rejected Victor.  She however suffers from jealousy when Victor becomes involved with anyone else (he married Vivian, and is now dating Maggie Horton).


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