Roman Brady

The first Brady to appear on the Salem canvas, Roman, after trying to scare Marlena, by posing as the psychopath killing the women of Salem, moved into Marlena’s apartment with his sleeping bag to protect the stubborn lady shrink. In time, the Salem Strangler was caught and Marlena was safe again, but not before she fell for the curly haired cop.

Days of our Lives Roman and Marlena First MeetRoman and Marlena First Meet

Roman Brady one of Salem’s finest was assigned to work on a case where the women of Salem were being murdered using a rock tied in a pink silk scarf.


Roman and Marlena married, but not before Roman’s supposedly dead first wife, Anna Fredericks turned up in Salem with their six year old daughter, Carrie. When Marlena witnessed Roman killing Daisy, a prostitute, Roman was arrested as the Salem Slasher, busted out of prison by Alice Horton and his brother Bo,” died” and went undercover to investigate. During the time he was dead, he and Marlena conceived their twins, for which Eugene took public responsibility and married Marlena, to protect Roman’s cover.

Days of our LIves Weddings Eugene and MarlenaEugene and Marlena’s Shotgun Wedding

When Marlena found out she was pregnant she was so delighted that she “forgot” her husband was dead and couldn’t be the father.  Eugene explained he was the baby’s father. (Turned out Marlena was pregnant with twins Eric and Sami).

The Slasher case was solved, and Roman and Marlena settled into family life with their twins until Roman fell off a cliff and died in pursuit of Stefano DiMera.

Years later when a man with no memory arrived in Salem, he enlisted Marlena’s help in recovering his memory, and finding his true identity. Their mutual attraction seemed to make sense, when it was revealed that John Black was actually Roman Brady. Again Roman and Marlena settled into marital life, until this time she died in a plane crash.

In time Roman moved on, first with Diana Colville, then with Isabella Toscano, who was Victor Kiriakis’ daughter. On the night of his engagement to Isabella, a mysterious woman appeared outside the window of Roman’s home where the engagement party was in full swing. Roman went looking for her, and found her at the pier.

He and Marlena were reunited, but their lives were turned upside down when the RealRoman returned – he’d been kept captive on an island by Stefano. RealRoman was troubled by the fact that an imposter had lived his life for 5 years. Though Marlena still had strong feelings for FauxRo she did the expected thing and returned to being Roman’s wife. FauxRo went back to being John Black and found happiness with Isabella Toscano, until her death.

Roman, however, divorced Marlena when it was revealed that the child she had borne, Belle, was not his but Johns. Roman took an ISA mission and again “died”, but was returned to Salem by Kristen Blake in time to stop John and Marlena marrying. Roman was dying from a tropical virus and Kristen had convinced him to return to Salem because Marlena was lonely and without a man in her life since Kristen and John had married.

John and Marlena felt compelled to play along with Kristen’s charade, as the stress of finding out the truth would kill Roman. Roman did learn the truth on New Year’s Eve (98), however, and suffered a heart attack. Roman withdrew from pursuing Marlena when he realized John and Marlena belonged together.

Roman had a brief liaison with Billie Reed. He stayed single until he and Kate became close when she worked in a Diner the Salem PD frequented. Roman and Kate Roberts married in 2004, but Roman didn’t make it to the wedding night as he was killed at their Chez Rouge reception by the Salem Stalker, but not before learning the Stalker’s identity (a brainwashed Marlena).

Roman like all the other Salem Stalker victims were found alive and well on an island constructed to look just like Salem called Melaswen (new Salem spelled backwards) except Tony (who was really Andre). Most of the captives were rescued, but some including Roman and Marlena were presumed dead when their raft was lost at sea.

In reality they were relocated to a castle in Europe where Tony taunted Roman and Marlena with video of their spouses (John and Kate) about to make love. Roman and Marlena in need of consoling, also made love. Roman and Marlena later escaped and returned to Salem and their respective spouses, until Marlena revealed she was pregnant with Roman’s child.

Kate and Roman’s relationship did not survive the news of his infidelity with Marlena. Any hopes Roman may have had about a reunion with his ex-wife where short lived when Marlena tumbled down the staircase at her penthouse and lost the baby.

Since then Roman has steered clear of the women of Salem and concentrated on his career on the Salem PD. Hi family has been supportive of his career by keeping him busy. In the last few years he has arrested his mother for the murder of Trent Robins, and placed his daughter Sami into witness protection under the watchful eye of FBI agent Rafe Hernandez when she witnessed the execution of Salem’s Mayor.


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