Shawn Brady Sr

Shawn Brady, was the patriarch of the Brady family and biological father of three of Caroline’s children, though he raised Bo, the product of an affair Caroline had with victor Kiriakis, as his own. 
Shawn Brady, a happy Irishman worked at the Brady Fish Market and later the Brady Pub.  His stubborn streak came through in 2005 when letters between Santo DiMera and his sister Colleen came to light, refusing to speak of it. His family persisted however and it resulted in a deathbed reunion between Shaun and his older sister Colleen, in Ireland, who had been presumed dead since jumping/falling from a cliff into the sea at Galway during Shawn’s childhood.
On the return flight to Salem from Ireland, the plane was sabotaged, and without enough oxygen for all the passengers to survive, Shawn gave up his oxygen mask so the younger members of his family could live, including Bo who was suffering from a pancreatic disease.
In addition to his sister Colleen, Shawn had another sister, Molly, Colin Murphy’s mother, and a brother, Eric who Shawn was devastated to learn had molested his daughter Kimberly as a child.
While the Brady’s mourned the loss of Shawn, they also welcomed, or rather re-welcomed John Black back into the Brady fold.  He’d learned in Ireland that he was the product of the affair between Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera.


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