Madison James

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Madison James was first seen in Salem on October 4, 2011, though her backstory includes a childhood friendship with Sami Brady.

Madison James came to town to meet with Victor Kiriakis and Brady Black who presented her with an offer to purchase her company Mad World Cosmetics. She would remain the CEO with full autonomy and a profit share arrangement, Brady promised. Madison didn’t accept Titan’s first offer but countered with an offer that Brady and Victor accepted.

Kate who was in the process of relaunching Countess Wilhemina was not happy to find Madison James in Salem, let alone doing business with Brady and Victor.

Brady and Madison got off to a rocky start when he mistook her for the hostess at the restaurant where their meeting was to take place.  He tipped the “hostess” to get their breakfast order out to them quickly.  He didn’t want the meeting to drag out.  Recent press indicated that Madison James was a corporate bitch he confided in the “hostess” blaming his harshness on not having had his morning coffee yet.

During their meeting Madison made deft references to Brady’s error without undermining him in front of Victor, sparking a mutual attraction between Brady and Madison. 

Madison initially rejected Brady’s advances despite being attracted to the CEO of Titan.  Madison didn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, something she finally got over.
At the same time Madison was receiving phone calls from a mystery caller.  The caller was on his way to Salem, but Madison did her best to discourage his arrival.  He sent her Christmas presents and called on New Years to wish her a happy 2012.  When Victor offered Madison the job of CEO at Titan, it was her mystery man she called for advice – just like the old days.  She ultimately turned down the role of CEO of Titan to concentrate on running Mad World which Madison described as her “baby”.

In February 2012, on the evening that Brady proposed to Madison a dashing older man with a controlling hold over Madison appeared in her hotel room. He was Ian McAllister. As Brady found out later that night when he returned to get Madison’s answer to his proposal, Ian was Madison’s husband!

Ian’s arrival in Salem also shed some light on the personal nature of the rivalry between Madison and Kate.  While Madison initially loved Ian, he didn’t feel the same way and had a string of affairs.  None of the women meant much to him, except one, who got under his skin – Kate Roberts…

Madison died in an explosion that rocked Salem in August 2012.


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