Bill Horton

 Alice and Tom’s youngest son, Bill, broke of his engagement to Dr Laura Spencer and left town when he discovered he suffered from a disease that would prevent him becoming a surgeon. When Bill returned to Salem, Laura was engaged to, and married, Mickey, Bills brother.
In a drunken rage, Bill raped Laura, but when sober, didn’t remember the incident.  Laura’s decision to keep quiet was complicated when she discovered she was pregnant (with Mike).  Bill was blackmailed by Kitty Horton when she learned the truth. Though innocent, Bill went to jail for Kitty Horton’s death, to protect his brother from learning about Mike’s paternity.  When the secret of Mike’s paternity was revealed, Mickey divorced Laura. 
Bill and Laura married, and Jennifer Rose, their daughter was born.  Shortly after Laura was institutionalized, Bill left Salem, and during this time (off-screen) had an affair with Kate Roberts, that resulted in the birth of Lucas Roberts (Horton).


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