Gay Romance for Days of our Lives Character: Who Will it be?

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Entertainment Weekly reported today in an exclusive, that Days of our Lives is looking to bring a gay romance to our screens involving a current cast member, and possibly a new character.
Fans have speculated a Will and Chad pairing, as they seem to have more onscreen chemistry with each other than with their female love interests. 
Will of course is paired with his step father’s sister, Gabi Hernandez, and Chad has been tentatively paired with Jennifer Horton’s daughter Abigail who recently returned to Salem. 
It’s hard to call the Chad and Abby pairing a romance though, since the writers appear to be establishing a whole host of reasons why these two shouldn’t be together, than any actual reasons for them to seek out the other’s company.Update! Will’s Gay Love Interest Cast!

Other options include Carly Manning, who in addition to being single right now, has more than one reason to steer clear of men.  She killed her husband, who was domineering and cruel, and was dumped by Bo as soon as Hope batted her big brown eyes at him again. 
Though Days of our Lives has been one of the most conservative soaps in recent years, it told some groundbreaking stories in the 1970’s.  Days of our Lives was the first soap opera to tackle an interracial romance between David Banning and Valerie Grant.
In the early 70’s after an argument with his mother, Julie, David, got into Doug’s car and drove it off a bridge.  When no body was found he was presumed dead.  David however did survive.  He was taken in by the Grant family and became firm friends with the family’s adult children, Danny and Valerie.  David’s relationship with Valerie developed into a romance.  Valerie’s mother was not supportive of the relationship, but David and Valerie were welcomed into the Horton fold when David’s true identity was revealed.
Doug William’s search for a surrogate to provide him a little brother or sister for Hope after Addie’s death was also a daytime soap opera first.  Unbeknownst to Doug, the surrogate was Rebecca North, the woman he had hired as his housekeeper and nanny for Hope after Addie’s death.  Rebecca, however, knew the child she was carrying was Doug’s.  Rebecca let everyone believe the child she carried was her boyfriend’s and that it would be adopted, knowing that as Doug’s nanny she would raise the child she delivered anyway.
During the 1970’s Days of our Lives also flirted with the idea of a gay storyline.  When Mike Horton was having trouble in his relationship with Trish Clayton, he thought perhaps it was because he was gay.  Linda Paterson, his “father’s” secretary, however, came to the rescue and took the young man to bed, to prove it wasn’t so.  Mike Horton then developed an obsession with Linda and dropped any notion that he was gay.
A gay storyline for Days of our Lives can hardly be heralded as a soap opera first like the groundbreaking storylines of the 1970’s outlined above.  Gay romances have been part of the soap opera storytelling fabric for decades, so that leaves us wondering which existing character will Days of our Lives writers bring out of the closet for Days of our Lives first gay romance? 
And can this storyline be the breath of fresh air needed to break the soap free from re-running well worn storylines of the past.  What would you rather see?  A gay romance or another doppelganger or brainwashing storyline…?


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