Salem Secrets, Lies and Scandals – Days of our Lives Fiction Trilogy

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Former Days of our Lives head writer, Sheri Anderson, has penned a trilogy of fiction novels based on the daytime drama Days of our Lives.

Sheri Anderson is widely creditted with co-creating Days of our Lives supercouples, John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Shane and Kimberly and Patch and Kayla. 

A Secret in Salem (Days of Our Lives Novel)
A Secret in Salem

Former Days of our Lives head writer, Sheri Anderson has penned a series of fiction novels, based on the daytime soap opera, to coincide with Days of our Lives 45th anniversary year.

Stirring from Salem
A Stirring from Salem

The second book in the secrets, scandals and lies series penned by former Days of our Lives head writer Sheri Anderson.  The fiction novel series allows fans to revisit with characters fromt he past that are no  longer on the day to day canvas of Days of our Lives, such as John and Marlena, and Patch and Kayla.

A Scandal in Salem
A Scandal in Salem

The third book in Sheri Anderson’s fiction novel series based on daytime drama Days of our Lives.  Pre-order to lock in a price.


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