Weekly Recap: Week Ending March 11, 2011

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When EJ learns that Brady offered Taylor a job, he absolutely forbids her from working for Brady, to which Taylor responds by heading over to the Kiriakis mansion and accepting Brady’s job offer.

Nicole and Taylor’s mother arrives in town.  She missed Nicole’s wedding because she was in hospital Fay tells her daughters.  Nicole suspects she’s being a drama queen but Taylor is concerned.  When Faye tells them she has a heart condition that could be fatal at any time, Nicole invites her mother to move into the DiMera guest house.  Faye acceots if Taylor moves in too.
Meanwhile EJ asks Lexie to tee Taylor up with a job at another hospital, in New York.  Lexie declines saying it looks like her son, Theo isn’t the only one who’s made a connection with Taylor and she won’t uproot Taylor’s life just because EJ has the hots for her.
Alone at the mansion, Taylor and EJ both claim control over their baser instincts, but EJ’s assertion is proved false when he kisses Taylor.  Unable to come up with a viable reason for not moving into the guest house with Faye, Taylor finally folds and agrees to move in.
Sami and Fake Rafe’s relationship continues to slide.  Sami steps Rafe through making love to her “the way he used to”, but afterwards remembers her and Rafe the way they were with tears in her eyes.  Fake Rafe is cleared to return to work.  When Nicole drops Johnny and Sydney at Sami’s Fake Rafe offers Nicole a beer and Nicole is disturbed to realize she likes this Rafe. 
Sami catches Rafe giving Johnny bad advice about beating up a bully at school, and feeding the kids ice cream for lunch.
When Melanie almost passes out at the pub, Nathan rushes her back to the hospital where she is readmitted.  Nathan pulls Daniel aside and asks him for his blessing to marry Daniel’s daughter.  Daniel can’t give it and tells Nathan to move on. 
Carly and Melanie bond when Melanie says she now understands why Carly gave her up as a baby.  Melanie would have done anything to save her baby.  Now she can see that’s what Carly did when she gave her up to protect her from Laurence.
Nathan proposes to Melanie, but she turns him down.  She can’t see them together in the future.  Nathan isn’t ready to give up yet though.
Stefano decides he made a mistake telling Rafe about the mind erasing drug and tries to test Rafe.  Finally he calls in some medical goons who perform a brain scan procedure and confirm that Rafe is a blank slate.
Vivian decides that she needs Stefano as an ally in her plot for revenge, which means dealing with Kate first.  Gus later overhears Stefano talking about a plot around Rafe Hernandez and Viv tells Gus to tail Stefano and find out what’s going on.  Concerned that Kate’s meddling could compromise his plan,   Stefano tells Kate to back-off where Sami and Rafe are concerned.
When Maggie catches Victor and Brady arguing she tells them to stop it.  Victor tells her to butt out and asks whether she always sticks her nose in other people’s business.  When it’s someone she loves she does, Maggie blurts before she realizes what she’s said.  Maggie tries to back away from her statement, but Vic corners her into admitting she has feeling for her.  Victor pulls her into a kiss, and then hustles Maggie, who’s a little wobbly kneed after the kiss out the door, telling her not to come back until she’s ready to talk.
The earrings Will gave Gabi are stolen from her purse, and pawned by the young perpetrator.  Will and Gabi look online for the earrings being resold, just as Gabi notices Kinsey entering Java wearing her earrings.
Abby tells Jenn to move on with her life and suggest Dr Dan as a candidate, but Jenn tells her daughter she has a plan to reunite Carly with Daniel.  Abby learns from Will and Gabi that Johnny is not Chad’s son as she assumed, and the two actually hit it off.  Upon learning that Chad is a DiMera however, Abby wishes him a nice life.
Reading Jacks blog, Jenn learns that he is in India at and Ashram undergoing a spiritual cleansing.  Angry, she calls Jack.  She leaves a message on his voicemail telling him that she and Abby are in Salem, and that she literally had her heart cut out, but what he’s don’t to her hurt more than that.
Philip and Chloe commit to taking care of Parker, Hope remains at a loose end in her new career-less life, and Justin asks Adrienne to marry him and they become engaged!


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