Weekly Recap: Week Ending March 4, 2011

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While a happy Nicole moons to EJ (in bed, on their wedding night) about how unexpectedly wonderful it is to have a sister to confide in, Taylor, still at Chez Rouge drinking EJ’s expensive champagne with Brady breaks Nicole’s confidence, by spilling to Brady that Nicole has once again fallen for EJ.
To which, Brady responds by again offering Taylor a job at Titan. Brady admits to Taylor that having EJ’s sister in law working for the enemy does appeal to him, but mostly he believes they would work well together.  Taylor agrees to think about it.
Nicole, in her new found supportive sister role, encourages Taylor to take the job with Brady.
Melanie lost her baby and the loss made her reconsider her behavior towards Chloe.  A hospital gowned Melanie apologizes to Chloe for her part in trying to take Parker away from her.  Chloe who has just signed over custody of Parker to Philip to prevent him from being put into Foster care, asks Melanie to help Philip raise her son.
Discharged from the hospital, Melanie meets Philip at the Brady Pub to discuss their future.  She forgives him for sleeping with Chloe while they were married, and though she still loves him, she can’t raise Parker with him.  Not only is Parker a constant reminder of Philip’s infidelity, but she can’t do that to her father – raise the child whose true paternity ruined his marriage.  Melanie says a teary goodbye to Philip as he leaves the Pub.
Nathan, under conflicting advice (Maggie told him to give Melanie space to grieve, and Julie told him to go after the woman he loves) seeks out Melanie at the pub and professes his undying love.  Stephanie witnessed the scene and lays into Melanie, who almost collapses.  Nathan helps Melanie to a chair and Stephanie makes a “poor pregnant Melanie comment” which she regrets when she learns Melanie is no longer pregnant.  Nathan tells Stephanie that he and Melanie are to be married.
Brady decides that Chloe should move into the Kiriakis Mansion, since it would allow her to be close to Parker.  Philip agrees, but Victor is not pleased and forbids it, until Philip threatens to move out with Parker if Chloe goes.  Victor backs down.
Bo is reinstated as police Commissioner, but Hope can never return to the force.  She’s still a convicted felon.  She puts on a brave face, but struggles to fill her day when Bo returns to work.  Her plan to spend time with Jennifer changes when Abigail unexpectedly shows up; coffee with Julie is a fleeting appointment and then Bo cancels their lunch date.
Jennifer is happy to see Abby who is considering transferring to Salem U to be closer to her mother.  Abby tells Jennifer to forget about Jack, he doesn’t deserve her, Jack’s angry daughter states.  When Abby spies Jennifer hugging Daniel she tells her Mom to go after him. 
EJ has breakfast at Java with Johnny and invites Chad to join them when he arrives.  Chad mentions it’s his birthday – his real one – on his birth certificate, and they celebrate his first birthday as a DiMera. Chad offers to take Johnny home when EJ is called away.
Abby arrives at Java and spies Chad and thinks he’s cute and goes in for the pick-up, but she stops short when the waitress brings Johnny back over to Chad.  Abby assumes Chad is Johnny’s father. Chad plays along, and tells her that Johnny’s mother and he are not married.  Abby doing the math has much to say about irresponsible guys getting girls pregnant in high school, and leaves.  Johnny says he didn’t like that girl, and Chad agrees “Who would?”
EJ leaves Java and heads to the hospital where Sami has maneuvered Fake Rafe into an MRI.  EJ tells a panicked Fafe to go along, but is unable to change the MRI results as Dr Jonas supervised the entire procedure.  The results show FAFE was never in an accident, which is explained away as FAFE having recovered.  It highlights that they need more information from the real Rafe about his life with Sami.
Unfortunately, Stefano has already injected Rafe with a memory erasing drug…EJ is not pleased.


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