Days of Our Lives May Sweeps Preview – May 2011

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Soap Opera Digest recently reported on Days of our Lives Executive Producer, Ted Corday’s previews for the 2011 May sweeps ratings season. Mr Corday claims that Days of our Lives “will be returning to its bread and butter; traditional values of romance and family and generational-oriented story”. Previews and Spoliers follow!

The preview reported in Soap Opera Digest is quite detailed, so if you don’t like spoilers or don’t want to know what’s in store for the denizens of Salem, stop reading now!  What follows is a mix of spoilers and speculation and may not turn out to be correct!
One Rafe Too Many
Much to the pleasure of most fans, the Rafe Doppelganger storyline will be drawing to a close, but in true Days of our Lives writing of old, Sami’s discovery that there are two Rafe’s just spearheads the next storyline.  If you were looking for Fake Rafe to disappear, you’re out of luck, but the months of Sami and Fake Rafe having the same old argument are over. 
Sami and Rafe Reunite
After being nursed back to health by some kindly nurses, Real Rafe finds the key around his neck – the only clue to who he is – opens a nearby apartment. The apartment is the safe house where he and Sami first met, and it triggers a return of some of his memory. Sami also finds her way to the safe house and the Sami and Rafe reunite.
Real Rafe Fakes Being Fake Rafe
Sami and Real Rafe are confronted by Fake Rafe and after taking Fake Rafe into custody Real Rafe fakes being Fake Rafe as he, Sami, Bo and Hope work to bring EJ and Stefano to justice for their misdeeds.
Bo and Hope will feature in the end of the Fake Rafe storyline with Bo working outside the law, as every good Police Commissioner does, making a mockery of the Salem PD not reinstating Hope because she’s now a convicted felon. 
EJ and Nicole – Divorce or Honeymoon?
When EJ asks Nicole for a divorce, he learns that Nicole knows about the doppelganger he and Stefano put in Rafe’s place.  Nicole blackmails EJ with the knowledge and Taylor is heartbroken and betrayed when instead of announcing their divorce, EJ and Nicole announce they are going on a honeymoon!
Heartbreak for Taylor; Revenge for Brady
Nicole also tells Taylor of EJ’s dastardly deeds, and she finally sees him for the man he is, not a scarf loaning dreamboat.
EJ’s troubles don’t end there, as the revelation that Troy (EJ’s drug dealer) was responsible for Ari’s death means that Brady is determined to see EJ pay for Arianna’s death (Arianna worked for Troy and hence EJ, while undercover for Roman). Perhaps Taylor will assist Brady in his endeavors and leave EJ to Nicole and save Brady from a Melanie romance…
Drugs for Carly, Prostitution for Chloe?
Chloe Needs Money
A lonely Chloe is picked up at her new watering hole, the Cheatin’ Heart and has a one night stand with a handsome man who leaves her a wad of cash in the morning. Justin and Maggie have both voiced concerns over Chloe’s fiscal situation (Justin wants to get her alimony form Daniel while Maggie suggested and actual JOB!) 
Chloe’s new hunk either mistakes her for a lady of the night, or is actually a pimp and the move signals Chloe’s descent into prostitution, and falling for her pimp. 
Chloe seems a little to worldly for this to be the case, and younger and more naïve Kinsey, with her new need for cash for college, seems a more likely candidate to be led into prostitution.
Chloe’s hunk, Quinn, also has connections to Vivian (Nicholas Alamain perhaps?) fuelling online speculation that Quinn is actually Nicolas Alamain, Vivian nephew and Carly’s estranged son.
Carly replaces men with drugs
Nicholas’ mother, Carly, uses drugs for comfort when she realizes that Daniel and Jennifer are falling for each other.  Given that Carly and Nicholas are estranged, Nicolas’ return could add fuel to her breakdown and drug addiction.  Or maybe getting her pimp son to clean up his act can give her something else to think about?
If this is the casting secret that is being hinted at, the fact that Bren Foster hired to play “Quinn” is actually Nicholas Alamain is a badly kept secret.  Nicholas has already been given a “voice” so having him appear on screen isn’t a big stretch.
Or perhaps the Quinn/Nicholas Alamain connection is a red herring we are supposed to be distracted by. 
John Black – Is it a Fact?
During conversation between Chloe and Nicole where Nicole speculated that EJ and Stefano had taken control of Rafe’s mind Nicole referenced what Stefano did to John Black’s memory several times.
In terms of brain chips and brain washings, Nicole could have referenced a character currently on the Days of our Live canvas; Hope and her Princess Gina years, but instead referenced John. Could this foreshadow the return of John?
Does anyone remember the onscreen chemistry between Drake Hogestyn (John) and Tamara Braun’s Ava Vitali?
Maggie realizes she wants to be with Victor regardless of his flaws, while Will Horton has trouble consummating his relationship with Gabi when they look to take it to the next level. This spoiler pretty much confirms that Will Horton is gay.
Will and Gabi haven’t seen much airtime through April as a couple, and the internet has been abuzz of Days of our Lives intention to air a gay romance.  Speculation is rife that Will Horton will be the existing character that hooks up with a new character in a gay romance – Days of our Lives first.
Abby and Chad have been getting closer though, mostly as friends, so fan speculation of a “Chill” (Chad and Will) pairing may be a little off.  Add to that the fact that step-mother, Kate, is already looking to meddle in Chad’s love life since all her son’s have fled to Kate-free parts, and Chad and Abby seem to be a given.


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