Rafe Hernandez’s Doppelganger kills Fay Walker

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This week, Fake Rafe, the Rafe Hernandez Doppelganger, finished the job he started over a week ago, when he pushed Fay Walker down the stairs at the DiMera mansion. 

Much to his distress, Fay survived the fall, despite her heart condition, and as Fake Rafe struggled to finish off Nicole and Taylor’s mother, Fay struggled to communicate EJ’s secret to her daughter.  But finally, as the Walker sisters headed home for some rest, Fake Rafe, disguised as a doctor, snuck into Fay’s room after Lexie Carver gave her a sedative, and smothered Fay with a pillow. 
Fake Rafe killing Fay Walker, elevated him from a humorous petty criminal to a killer, all because Fay overheard Fake Rafe, Stefano and EJ DiMera discussing the fact that Fake Rafe was a replacement, and that the real Rafe was incarcerated somewhere with no memory. 
Though most recent fans of Days of our Lives would see Fay Walker’s death as the disposal of a fairly minor character, anyone who’s watched for the last ten years knows this isn’t the case.  During Fay’s time in hospital the writers snuck in a few references to Fay’s past in Salem. 
Fay Walker and Abe Carver
Abe comforted Nicole at the hospital over her mother’s condition, and mentioned he had a vested interest in her family; Brandon.
Brandon, Taylor and Nicole’s brother, is the product of an affair Fay had with Abe while Fay was still married to Nicole and Taylor’s father.  Fay, abused by her husband had an affair with the cop who often responded to the domestic dispute calls. Abe only learned about Brandon’s paternity when Theo was born (Theo’s paternity was also in question during Lexie’s pregnancy as she’d had an affair with Brandon; her step-son!)
Brandon has been mentioned a few times of late, mostly in relation to Fay’s heard condition, accident, and death.  When a former Days of our Lives character is mentioned onscreen, it’s for one of two reasons: first and most innocuously it’s a nod to fans that past characters may be gone, but not forgotten. Secondly, to reintroduce the character through conversation before they reappear onscreen. 
The reintroduction of Brandon Walker at this point in the Rafe storyline could add an interesting twist;  especially since Brandon’s ex-fiancée and wife for two minutes, Sami, may soon be single again. 
Fay Walker and Roman Brady
When Fay died, Carly Manning was left to break the news to Nicole and Taylor that their mother had died.  Lexie Carver was strangely absent.  Flash to the Salem PD where Roman Brady received and urgent phone call from Lexie Carver, then returned to tell a concerned Fake Rafe that Fay Walker had died.  When Fake Rafe asked, Roman told him that Lexie had called him not because the circumstances around Fays’ death were suspicious, but because Fay was someone he knew.
During the early 2000’s Fay Walker worked at the Hudson Street Diner.  It was described as a longtime Salem PD lunch hangout.  During that time period, Roman’s daughter Sami also became involved with Fay’s son Brandon, who turned out to be the illegitimate son of Roman’s longtime partner Abe Carver. 
Though not as well heeled as Marlena, Fay had the same grace and poise as Roman Brady’s ex-wife, and this Days of our Lives fan wishes that Fay Walker and could have been given a more permanent place in the Salem line-up as Roman Brady love interest.  Roman and Fay had chemistry, that could have ended Roman’s lonely bachelor days.
Though the scene acknowledging Roman’s friendship with Fay was mostly to place doubt in Fake Rafe’s mind that he’d gotten away with killing Fay, it was a nice touch for long time viewers of Days of our Lives.
Fay Walker and Kate Roberts
It seemed strange that during Fay’s short stay in Salem and with reference to Fay’s other relationships with current Days of our Lives characters, that no mention was ever made of Fay Walker’s acquaintance with Kate Roberts.
(If I missed the reference please let me know in the comments section below!).
After Kate Roberts clobbered Victor over the head and burned down his mansion, Victor set Kate out on the streets, homeless and penniless.  Kate took a job and the Hudson Street Diner, working alongside Fay Walker. Before Kate managed to manipulate her (then) seventeen year old son, Philip, into brokering a financial settlement between herself and Victor, Kate was living in her car. Learning of Kate’s predicament Fay offered Kate a bed in her spare bedroom.
It would have been nice to have this kindness acknowledged, as Fay moved into the DiMera mansion which, for now, is Kate’s home.
Nicole or Sami?  Who will learn the Fake Rafe secret first?
Fay Walker’s death can be seen as little more than a plot device in the current front-burner storylines involving Rafe, Sami, Nicole and EJ. Fay’s demise at the hands of Fake Rafe also does not bode well for Sami and Nicole.
Sami, no longer believing that Rafe’s behavior has anything to do with the head trauma he sustained during his car accident, is determined to find the real cause of Rafe’s personality changes. 
But with Sami out of town visiting Eric for a few days, and Fake Rafe kissing Nicole in her absence, it seems Nicole, her suspicions already raised by her mother’s last words, “EJ…secret” is set to discover exactly what that secret is….


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