Tamara Braun Joins Days of our Lives: Taylor Walker Second Days of Our Lives Character on Tamara Braun’s Bio

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“Old” Taylor & EJ make out in crashed Limo

This week we saw the “new” Taylor, Tamara Braun, hobble her way into the DiMera mansion, after she injured her ankle in a limousine accident the “old” Taylor, Natalia Livingston had with EJ.  
Find out why Days of our Lives switched Taylors

Surprisingly the transition wasn’t as jarring as expected.  Natalia Livingston’s Taylor over the few months she graced our screens actually did grow on me.  A couple of times it looked like she would develop some nerve, but then Taylor retreated back into her doe-eyed shell, suffering her way through the guilt of being in love with her sister’s husband.

“New” Taylor tells Nicole she’s moving out

Watching the “new” Taylor’s more subtle quickly broken eye contact with EJ, when he asked her to tell Lexie he loved her, was a delight.  (Taylor was on her way to see Lexie upon learning that Theo was missing).  And telling EJ and Nicole she was moving out as a statement of fact, rather than a timid suggestion, gave Arianne Zucker’s Nicole something to react to rather than steam roller over.

Initial reaction to the announcement that Tamara Braun was taking over from Natalia Livingston as Taylor was, however, mixed. 
Firstly, Tamara Braun playing Nicole’s younger sister was questioned.  This in no way is meant to imply that Tamara Braun isn’t a beautiful woman.  She is.   Yet an informal poll of a new Days of our Lives viewer did result in Arianne Zucker’s, Nicole, selected as the character that looked the youngest. 
But hey, Days of our Lives fans have been asked to suspend disbelief on events far more fanciful than Tamara Braun’s Taylor being the younger sister of Arianne Zucker’s Nicole.  Demonic possession, brainwashing, and scar free open heart surgery are just a few events that spring to mind.
Secondly, Tamara Braun is still well remembered for her other role on Days or our Lives as Ava Vitali, the mentally unstable daughter of a mob boss that was so hung-up on former lover Steve Johnson, that she kidnapped him.  Her performance so memorable, that it garnered a 2009 Daytime Emmy award for Best Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama. 
Fortunately Braun’s portrayal of Taylor is nothing like the feistier Ava, which makes it easier for Days of our Lives viewers to suspend disbelief in this arena as well.  Like they have before, with far higher profile characters than Ava Vitali and (for the moment) Taylor Walker.
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor is the current Roman Brady, but in the 1970’s and early 1980’s he was known to Days of our Lives audiences as Chris Kositchek the womanizing  perpetual bachelor who romanced or dated  Mary Anderson, Brooke Hamilton,  Renee DuMonde and Kayla Brady, just to name a few.
Judi Evans
First, and most recently seen on Days of our Lives as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis, brother to Steve Johnson and Jack Devereaux and wife (for the third time) to Justin Kiriakis.  In between those appearances though, xxx portrayed Bonnie Lockhart, Mimi, Conor and Patrick Lockhart’s gold digging mother who after Maggie Horton’s death at the hands of the Salem Stalker, turned her sights on Mickey Horton, who she kept house for.
Wayne Northrop
Always a fan favorite, Northrop, the original curly haired Roman Brady, was brought back to Days of our Lives to portray Alex North, the abusive husband Marlena forgot she’d had.  Less said about Alex North and this storyline the better.
Renee Jones
Before portraying, Lexie Brooks Carver, the cop turned doctor who married Abe Carver; Renee Jones played Nikki Wade, a police secretary who had a crush on her boss, Abe Carver, and also dated Shenanigans bartender, Danny Grant.
Allison Sweeney
A little obscure, but according to her biography, Alison Sweeney played a young Adrienne Johnson in flashback sequences, prior to taking on the role of Sami Brady, the rebel wild child of upstanding citizens Roman Brady and Marlena Evans.
What do you think of Tamara Braun as Days of our Lives’ new Taylor now that we’ve been able to see her on screen?  Has your opinion changed from your initial reaction?

Update!  Tamara Braun let go from role of Taylor Walker on Days of our Lives!


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