Weekly Recap: Week Ending 1 April, 2011

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Despite Fay having tests at the hospital that shows her condition is improving, Nicole convinces her mother to move into the mansion – into the room next to Taylor’s.

Nicole continues to believe that the tension between Taylor and EJ stems from the fact that they don’t get on, and that Taylor works for Brady – EJ’s enemy.  Nicole seems to be the only one left in the dark about what is really going on between EJ and Taylor. 

Stefano works out that EJ and Taylor are lusting after each other,  Lexie continues to be Taylor’s confidante on all things EJ, and Fay puts two and two together when she and Nicole almost walk in on EJ and Taylor making out.

After almost being caught making out and arousing suspicion by being behind locked doors, EJ suggests that he and Taylor have a secret affair.  It’s the solution to not hurting Nicole, EJ defends.  Taylor won’t have an affair she tells him.  Taylor fakes illness so she won’t have to be near EJ at a DiMera dinner, but Fay sees through her, and asks what is going on between her and EJ.
EJ and Taylor meet and EJ tells her he can see how upsetting the situation is for a person of her integrity, so he won’t pursue her anymore.  No more kisses or stolen looks.  He will be cordial and polite as her brother in law should, but will no longer seek her out.  Taylor agrees, but later tells Lexie that EJ doing the right thing has just made her love him all the more.
Carly loses a patient, a victim of a drive by shooting, and is required to work with Bo while he fills in the police paperwork.   The strain on Carly having to see Bo and Hope together continues to show, and Nathan catches a mistake she makes on a meds prescription for a patient. 
Carly is also having nightmares about Lawrence. Carly takes a break from the long hours she’s been working just to keep busy, but when she sees Bo and Hope kissing in the park, Carly heads back to the hospital and breaks down.  She self administers a sedative intended for a patient and lies to the nurse about what happened to it.
Jennifer and Daniel both continue to worry about Carly and Jennifer promises no more match making attempts, though she still thinks Carly and Daniel would make a good couple.  Meanwhile Jennifer and Daniels friendship solidifies, as they both promise to be there for Carly. 
When Abby tries to get her mother to date, Jennifer tells her daughter that she’s trying to work out who she is again (without Jack) and isn’t ready to date.  Abby tells Jennifer that she and Chad are over since he’s moved into the DiMera mansion.  Abby runs into Chad on the pier and comforts him when she learns it is his mother’s birthday.
Sami and Fake Rafe’s relationship continued to go downhill, so much so that an upset Sami confided in Kate that she did send Ali to Lucas in Hong Kong because Ali was afraid of Rafe.  Sami reassures Kate, who is worried about her other children.  Sami is also scared of Rafe’s behavior since the accident and doesn’t want him around her children.  She won’t be staying for long, she tells Kate.
Having slept on the sofa, fake Rafe calls a face to face meeting with Stefano on EJ on the blueprint for winding up his operation.  EJ and Fake Rafe almost come to blows, but they make peace when EJ reminds him how much better his life is as “Rafe Hernandez” and the generous salary he’s being paid to be Rafe for the rest of his life while the real Rafe has no memory of his life or identity. 
EJ and Stefano reiterate Fake Rafe’s brief is to break up Rafe and Sami, but it’s to look like Sami’s idea, and Johnny is to see EJ and only EJ as a father.  The trio thinks they are overheard, but can find no one when they look.  As Stefano and EJ leave, Fay is stunned and distressed at what she’s overheard, and wonders if Nicky knows what her husband is up to.
Rafe finds an agitated Fay in the DiMera living room and deduces that Fay overheard him with SJ and Stefano.  When she denies overhearing anything, he drags her up the stairs, preventing her from screaming by holding his hand over her mouth, then says its time for Fay to have a little accident and pushes her down the stairs.
Brady is beyond mad at Victor for squashing a deal he’s been working on. Taylor thinks it’s just as well, as the deal would have made Brady some powerful enemies.  But Brady thinks he was just trying to impress Maggie Horton with his new found conscience.  He organizes to have Victor served after learning the news has gone public on CNBC.
When Maggie comes over to the mansion, Victor doesn’t deny he did what he did to impress her.  When Maggie learns the deal lost Titan $47 million, she almost chokes on her tea and she kisses Victor who he agrees the kiss was worth losing all that money, but that having a conscience could be an expensive proposition.
On a break from doing big business while at Java Café, Brady gives Dario money to leave Salem and start a new life, rather than wasting his time investigating Arianna’s death.  Instead Dario gives the money to Justin Kiriakis as a retained for a new PI.  Justin warns a PI is going to be much more expensive than what he’s just given him.  He’s going to need more money.
After his meeting with Justin, at the pier, Dario overhears Justin’s next meeting with Philip, who has arranged to give Melanie $5 million in addition to her divorce settlement. Dario decides his money problems are over.  He tries to put the moves on Melanie, but an uncomfortable Melanie rushes into Brady’s arms and kisses him when he arrives.  Melanie and Brady, in fun,  decide they need to follow through on the date that Melanie told Dario she and Brady were going on.  Dario overhears and reiterates to himself that Melanie needs to share some of her $5million.
Brady also comforts an upset Melanie who has just said a final goodbye to Parker and returned her wedding rings to Philip.  Mel scurries off when Chloe arrives, which Chloe notices and asks Brady if he really think moving in on Philips wife when she’s not even divorced is such a good idea.
Stefano tells Vivian to keep out of his and Kate’s affairs, or he’ll squash her like a gnat.  He reminds her she has one operative, and he has an army.  Vivian’s response to being called a small time operator is to hire a team to work with Gus, and try to recruit Nicole to help her bring down Kate.  Nicole turns her down, backing Stefano in a fight with Vivian.  Gus working alone, he highlights, brings Vivian some information; the security code to the DiMera mansion.
Theo and Ciara discuss running away, but Theo doesn’t want to leave his parents.  Ciara decides he doesn’t have to run away because his parents are happy.  Bo and Hope continue to grow closer as the openly discuss how to raise their daughter, but receive a scare when Jocelyn can’t find Theo and Ciara after school when picking them up.  Ciara decides she still has to run away so that her Mommy and Daddy can be happy.


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