Weekly Recap: Week Ending 8 April, 2011

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Fake Rafe steals Fay’s cameo from her unconscious body, then hides when he hears Taylor and Nicole arriving home to check on Fay.   A distressed Taylor and Nicole find Fay unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Taylor calls 911 and Fay is rushed to the hospital, where she goes into cardiac arrest when she wakes to find EJ sitting in her room.  Lexie stabilizes Fay. As she drifts in and out of consciousness Fay manages to communicate “EJ secret” to Nicole.
Taylor speculates that Fay knows about her and EJ, but Lexie tells Taylor that her brother has many secrets and it likely has nothing to do with her. But the guilt continues for both Taylor and EJ.
Nicole is thankful for EJ’s support and tells him how happy she is with him raising his children, especially since there are no secrets between them, and they are totally honest with each other.   Nicole tells EJ she loves him.  Nicole also apologizes to Taylor for the way she treated her most of her life.  Nicole now realizes she could have a sister, someone she trusts more than anyone else in the world.
Nicole also tells Abe that something about something just doesn’t add up about Fays falls.  She was on the phone when she fell, yet her phone was on the table at the foot of the stairs, Nicole tells him.  And she wasn’t sedated, like her nurse said, choosing instead to spit the pills out.  So what made her fall?  Nicole is determined to find out why Faye fell.
Adrienne and Justin decide to elope to Vegas.
When Chloe springs Philip meeting with Social Services she accuses him of trying to take Parker from him, but Philip was actually requesting their custody arrangement be upgraded to joint custody.
Brady gives Dario a wad of cash to get out of town and start a new life, but Dario instead meets with Justin and passes on the cash as a retainer for a new PI to investigate Adrianna’s hit and run accident.  Justin tells him that he will need more money than what he gave him for a long investigation.
When Justin meets with his next client, Philip Kiriakis, he overhears that Philip is giving Melanie $5 million in addition to her divorce settlement so she’ll never have to worry about money.  Later when he runs into Dario flirts with Melanie and sends her on a guilt trip saying that anyone who really cared about Ari would do whatever they could to find Ari’s killer.  Melanie puts up a $50000 reward for information about Ari’s hit and run death.  Dario isn’t impressed, but Carly and Daniel are given her money hungry past.  Melanie tells them being married to a rich man taught her than money can’t buy happiness.
Melanie kisses Brady to derail Dario’s attempts to flirt while denying her attraction to Rafe’s obnoxious younger brother.  Later when she tries to broker peace between Victor and Brady (at Maggie’s behest) Brady kisses her, when she says she’ll always have his back. Dario witnesses the kiss and decides Melanie is exactly who he thought – a gold digging con artist.
Victor tells Maggie he’s had it worrying about Titan and his family.  His jet is fuelled and he’s leaving for Paris, and he’s hoping Maggie will go with him. Maggie admits she’s never been to Paris but tells Victor, but tells him she can’t move to Paris.  Vic chuckles and tells Maggie he was just asking her to dinner. She suggest since she’s adept in French cooking herself she will prepare him a meal in his kitchen and it won’t leave such a large carbon footprint.
Carly continues to suffer emotionally as she is surrounded by happy couples.  Though she twice manages to access pills to east her anxiety, she finds the fortitude to not go through with it both times. When Carly overhears Vivian on the phone to Nicholas to wish him a happy birthday, she decides that Vivian has been working Nicholas and is the reason why her son won’t talk to her. Vivian hasn’t though.
 Carly is surprised when Nicholas picks up when she calls, but her receptions isn’t friendly and he can’t just forget that she killed his father in cold blood. He suggests she could have left Lawrence to stem the abuse.  When Carly says Lawrence would have ensured that she lost Nicholas, he says that’s what’s happened anyway.  He tells his mother not to call him again and says she’s as dead to him as his father is.
Team Carly (Jennifer and Daniel) are still concerned about Carly who isn’t returning calls.  When Jennifer falls from a stool while straightening a picture she falls into Daniels arms, taking their focus off Carly and onto their budding attraction.
Bo and Hope confront Ciara’s classmate Kim and her mother, about Kim daring Ciara to scale the school fence, but Kim denies it and says she is nice to Ciara when all the other kids are mean to her because her mother went to jail.  Kim’s mother apologized and hustled Kim out of there,  Ciara, though exposed as a liar, go to spend the night with grandparents Doug and Julie, where she and Tommy Bear plot their next escape attempt over a map.
Hope stopped sleeping in the guest room and she and Hope made love on the new bed she ordered.
When T bails on helping Chad move, he asks Abby, who agrees despite thinking moving into the DiMera Mansion is a bad idea.  Her concerns are validated when they arrive to find Mary cleaning blood (from Fay’s fall) out of the foyer carpet.  Kate gives them the grand tour and Stefano, Kate, Chad and Abby toast Chad’s arrival with champagne.
Fake Rafe plots to finish Fay off.  If EJ and Stefano find out what has happened they will kill him, he surmises, and if not, he’ll end up back in jail, which won’t be fun with his new face, he decides.
Sami is surprised by Rafe’s interest in Fay’s accident and especially his obsession with her dying, and is stunned to find him in Fay’s hospital room. Fake Rafe pockets the syringe he was planning to use to inject an air bubble into Fay’s IV and the two argue.
EJ tells Sami that he thinks Rafe is a bad influence on their children. Sami defends Rafe to EJ but later confides in Caroline Brady that she agrees with EJ.  Caroline thinks maybe it’s time to give up on Rafe. Sami doesn’t think his behavior is due to his head injury anymore.  There is some other reason, and she’s going to find out what it is, and then make a decision about their future.
While supposedly on a stakeout, Fake Rafe returns to the hospital, dons a disguise as pediatrician Dr Overman and enters Fay’s hospital room unseen.  When Fay sees him a look of terror comes onto her face.


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