Weekly Recap: Week Ending April 15,2011

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Vivian gloats to Gus about the pain Carly was in when she intentionally let Carly overhear her chatting amiably with Nicholas.

Gus briefs Vivian on all the DiMera’s and servants movements. Vivian and Gus break into the DiMera mansion.  Gus heads upstairs, and Vivian heads into the living room where she is surprised to find Chad.  We have a lot in common Vivian says trying to convince Chad she’s just visiting.  “You’re one of Stefano’s past indiscretions, and I’m one of his past wives.”  Chad doesn’t buy in and when Stefano arrives Chad tells him Vivian let herself in.  Stefano calls Vivian’s action stupid and arrogant, and tells her to stay away from him, his business, his family.  Stefano sees Vivian out after he receives the call that Fay is dead.
Later Gus and Vivian meet at the pier when he tells her that Stefano has a jail cell in his basement.  “well who hasn’t” says Vivian disinterested until Gus says it’s been used recently.
Fake Rafe told a terrified Fay that she had to die.  As Fay tried to fight him, Fake Rafe turned off her monitors and smothered her with a pillow.  Before sneaking from Fay’s room, he reset Fay’s monitors.
Nicole has car trouble so EJ drives Nicole and Taylor to the hospital to check on Fay.  Carly and Lexie tell the sisters that their mother is resting comfortably until her monitors go off, when they rush into Fay’s room.
Carly and Lexie worked on Fay, but Carly notified Taylor and Nicole that they did all they could.  Carly says Fay suffered a massive stroke that likely had more to do with her underlying heart condition than her fall.
Through her tears and angry Nicole blames Lexie who is suddenly absent, and demands an autopsy. (Lexie has gone to call Roman).  Taylor tries to calm her sister, then goes to call Brandon.  EJ comforts both his wife, and her sister, who feels guilty because she thought Fay knew about her and EJ and wanted to tell Nicole.
While planning Fay’s funeral, Taylor decides to act on Fays last words to her.  “Help Nicki”.  She decides falling into EJ’s arms for comfort in her grief, is not helping Nicki, but still falls into EJ’s arms for a kiss when EJ asks what he can do for her.
Nicole too, acting on Fay’s last words to her “EJ…secret” is determined to find out what EJ’s secret is and even confronts EJ about it.  EJ deftly sidesteps the question, and Nicole decides she can’t confide in Taylor.  Her mother knew a DiMera secret and is dead.
At the Salem PD, Roman rakes Fake Rafe over the coals for letting his partner go out alone.  Fake Rafe learns about Fay’s death (officially) from Roman when Lexie calls the Salem PD to tell him about the death.  Fake Rafe wonders if there were any suspicious circumstances, but Roman says no, natural causes, he just knew Fay, that’s why Lexie called.
Fake Rafe goes home, has Johnny get him a beer and Fake Rafe and Sami have the same argument they’ve been having for weeks.  He asks if she wasn’t a divorce.  Sami needing breathing space heads takes the kids to visit Eric.  EJ is delighted when he hears, and tells Samantha he is proud of how she is handing things with Rafe.
Nicole overhears Stefano and EJ talking about “what they did to Rafe”.  When she is sprung, she plays coy.  EJ believes she didn’t overhear anything, Stefano isn’t so sure.  Nicole goes to Rafe and Sami’s place, learns that Sami has left town to see Eric.  Nicole pockets a spare key to the apartment and Eric’s phone number and tells Rafe to enjoy some R&R which he interprets as “kiss me”.  Nicole extracts herself from Fake Rafe’s embrace.  They both decide no one should know about what happened.  Nicole wonders just what EJ did to Rafe, and tells Taylor that EJ’s secret has something to do with Rafe.
When EJ tells Stefano fake Rafe has driven Samantha away, they celebrate by giving Fake Rafe a wad of cash and a new identity to get out of town.  Stefano tells fake Rafe what to tell Sami’s family about his departure, but he leaves without any farewells.
Carly extracts a prescription for pain meds from Lexie using a hurt elbow as an excuse.  She ups the number of repeats on the script and becomes defensive when Daniel offers to look at her elbow (when her doctor isn’t available).  When Jennifer witnesses the altercation she goes after her friend, but is told to butt out of Carly’s life and get one of her own for her efforts.  An upset Jennifer finds comfort in Daniels arms.  Carly down’s some of her newly prescribed pain meds and finds Daniel and Jennifer together and apologizes.
When Bo and Hope tell Ciara they want to talk to her (to tell her how happy they are) Ciara thinking they want to tell her they are divorcing, speeds up plans to runaway.  Ciara sends Bo and Hope on wild goose chases, and she and Theo grab some camping equipment and jump in a truck.  They set up camp in the wilderness, but Ciara stumbles, falls and knocks herself out.
Meanwhile, Bo and Hope have to break the news to Abe and Lexie that the kids have runaway.  Lexie blames Ciara, Hope blames herself and they start looking for the kids including hacking email accounts. Hope calls Ciara’s cell phone but she doesn’t pick up.
Philip takes Chloe to open mike night at the Brady Pub to stir her interests in something other than motherhood and Parker.  Philip goes to see a lawyer when social services play hardball about allowing Chloe to have joint custody of Parker.  Chloe throws a martini in Kate’s face when she accuses her of trying to seduce Philip.


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