Weekly Recaps: Week Ending April 22, 2011

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Bo and Hope try to work out where the kids have gone.  At the hospital Lexie and Abe are also concerned about Theo.  Stefano starts to throw his weight around insulting Abe and telling Lexie that once the children return, Theo shouldn’t spend time with Ciara anymore.  Victor overhears and Stefano and Victor pull out there phones to call on their goon armies to find the missing children.  Bo stops them and tells them they are looking for Theo and Ciara his way, not theirs.

Roman puts out an Amber alert on Theo and Ciara.  Julie provides comfort and support for Hope.
Daniel and Melanie find Chloe at the Cheatin Heart downing Martinis.  Daniel suggest that imitating Nicole isn’t the best idea if she wants to get custody of Parker back, let alone mixing alcohol with her meds.  Chloe asks him to just “hate her from afar.”  Daniel leaves and Melanie tells Chloe she’s playing into Kate’s hand.  When Chloe is less than receptive of Melanie’s advice, Melanie tells her to drink herself into oblivion and leaves. 
Chloe drunk dials Kate and goaded by Kate threatens to run away with Parker as well as kill Kate.  Kate records the conversation and plays it back to Philip, who has been unsuccessful in convincing Social Services to obtain joint custody of Parker fro Chloe.  When he hears the recording, Philip decides his son will not be a pawn in other people’s lives, like he has been.  Philip decides it’s time to grow up and after confronting Chloe he moves to Chicago with Parker. Victor throw Chloe out of the mansion.
At Fay’s funeral in Chicago, Taylor and Nicole write letters to bury with their mother.  EJ and Taylor take the limo ahead to the burial as Nicole still has her letter to write.  Finding Taylor’s letter unsealed Nicole reads it and learns that Taylor feels bad about something that wasn’t supposed to happen.
Meanwhile Taylor and EJ’s limo crashes.  Taylor’s foot is pinned and they send the driver to get help.  The scare brings EJ’s felling to the fore and he keeps professing his love for Taylor and the two make out in the back of the Limo until Nicole finds them.  They convince her to stay out of the Limo as EJ wipes Taylor’s lipstick from his face.
At the hospital Nicole questions Taylor about her letter.  EJ claims everything is his fault and Nicole not sure what to make of Taylor and EJ, wonders why they seem so guilty.  Alone Taylor tells EJ that they can’t go on like this and they are over.  “No we’re not” EJ promises.
Real Rafe steals pens from the arts and crafts classes he’s being taken to to build his self esteem, and uses them to dye his while inmate scrubs to blue orderly scrubs.  He then steals the orderly’s access card when he comes to collect his meal tray.  Later that night he breaks out of his cell, convincing the new orderly that started that evening that the prisoner is sleeping and not to be disturbed.
Melanie tells Daniel about being attacked at the pier by Ari’s killer.  Daniel wants her to rescind the reward offer, but despite being nervous won’t do it.  Dario sneaks up on Melanie her at the pier and Melanie maces him for his efforts.  She helps him wipe the mace from his eyes, and he decides it’s too dangerous for her to be involved. 
Later at home, Melanie is attacked by Troy who admits to killing Arianna, and is not going to kill her.  Dario arrives; tussles with the intruder and knocks him out.  Once Melanie tells him he killed Arianna, Dario lays into him.  Troy is hospitalized in a coma. 
At the hospital Brady recognizes Troy as the drug dealer Arianna worked for while she was undercover for the Salem PD.
Brady tells Melanie to stay away from Dario he placed her in danger by convincing her to put up the reward.   Dario admits to caring about Melanie and tells her to steer clear of Brady who broke his sister, Arianna’s heart.  Melanie tells them both she’s not a fan of being told what to do. 
Brady and Dario nearly come to blows, but Daniel arrives and breaks them apart then asks what’s going on.  Melanie fills her dad in.  Daniel thanks Dario for saving Melanie and decides to install a security system.  Brady says he thinks Melanie should stay at the Kiriakis mansion with him where she’ll be safe.  Dario can only watch as Melanie leaves with Brady.
Will and Gabi confront Fake Rafe about leaving town without telling anyone, including Sami.  He tells them he and Sami need time in their neutral corners to work things out.  After Fake Rafe has gone Will and Gabi hope that the time away will held Will’s mother and Gabi’s brother find their way back to each other.
Fake Rafe tries to leave town but has car trouble.  While waiting for the mechanic to call, he hangs out at the Cheatin heart.  When Dario calls to tell him that he caught Ari’s killer and suggests he comes to the hospital to interrogate him, Fake Rafe tells his he’ll see what he can do.  Instead, Fake Rafe is picked up by a sexy young woman named Alicia, and he takes her back to the loft for a one night stand.
Kate finds Chloe at the Brady Pub, with her belongings in suitcases looking for an apartment.  The women trade nasty barbs and Chloe promises that Kate will pay for poisoning her.  Kate tells Chloe that ship has sailed. They insult each other some more and Chloe leaves with tears in her eyes.
Maggie stops by to comfort Victor about the children’s’ disappearance.  She is glad they have each other she tells Victor.  Victor then questions what their status is.  Are they dating?  Are they a couple?  Maggie hesitantly admits that she’s not ready to put a label on what they are, but when they discuss what Mickey would have wanted for Maggie, she admits that yes, they are a couple. 
Kate arrives at the Kiriakis mansion as Victor and Maggie are sharing a tender moment.  Maggie leaves and Victor and Kate discuss their mutual hatred of Chloe Lane.  Victor says that “any friend of Chloe’s is an enemy of mine.  Meanwhile Maggie finds a teary Chloe at the pier, and when learning she has no where to stay takes her home.
Carly continues her descent into prescription drug addiction, when she takes meds to steady her hands during surgery.  Hearing about Ciara and Theo an overly emotional Carly rushes over to Bo’s hugs both Bo and Hope.  Later she kisses Daniel on the pier.  Jennifer sees Carly and Daniel and despite having tried to push the two together, suffers pangs of jealousy.


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